Explicit on Stage

In this Mega-Thread I will (slowly) post my collection of explicit stage performances, art videos etc. I would also like to make it an open-discussion thread: everyone with something to contribute may and should add it to this thread.

The rules are as follows:
  1. The scenes should be explicit. Manual and oral stimulation, penetration by objects and.. well.. penetration are acceptable. Less common sexual practices like BDSM, urination etc. (this IS art-house after all) are also welcome if they are done in the "correct" context. Simple nudity or non genital touching is not considered explicit, but it can be added to this thread as part of an explicit series of clips.
  2. The clips should come from live stage performances: concerts, theater plays, performance art etc. Video art or general explicit art is also acceptible if it's done by established artists and not for the sole purpose of titillation. Please don't post sex shows, amateur cam pr0n, erotic conventions or anything done by "regular" porn-stars. I realize it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between artsy pr0n and explicit art but please try and filter the obvious.
  3. Since this is art, it tends to get more offensive than explicit mainstream movies. I do encourage bizarre, gay, surreal and generally disgusting clips. However, if you do post such a clip please provide a warning so that sensitive people will not download it by mistake.
  4. Please try and keep this civilized. If a clip is too weird\gay\straight\offensive\porny for your liking DON'T DOWNLOAD IT! All my clips have previews attached...
  5. None of my clips are my own rip - I got them over the years from all kinds of online sources, and I cannot remember where I got each clip from. If you recognize one of my clips as your own work, and you simply cannot live with me taking credit for it (I don't take credit for any of the clips, BTW), you are more than welcome to leave a post marking your territory. Remember: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;).
  6. If you do like my work, a "thank you" would be appreciated or better yet: post something I don't have in return.

And now for my first clip: a big (1GB!) performance called Corporno by Cia Dita. The best part IMHO is at the beginning. Be warned: some gayness ensues!

Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.001
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.002
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.003
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.004
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.005
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.006
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.007
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.008
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.009
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.010
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.011
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.012
Cia Dita - Corpornô_hd.7z.013
To be continued tomorrow...

All in all I currently have about 13GB to share on this subject. I know it's not a lot but this sort of material is quite rare because: a) It requires chrome-plated steel-enforced watermelon-sized balls (or the female equivalent there of) from the artists, way more than explicit scenes in movies not filmed in front of a live audience; b) It's illegal to have unsimulated sex during a live performance in many parts of the world; and c) The unrecorded nature of the shows reduces the odds of someone capping it and posting online.

I leave you for the night with the following request: as unlikely as it may be, does anyone have a copy of "Pornodrama II- Un Esquimal" and is willing to share it? As far as I can understand from google translate, this 2008 show actually had unsimulated sex done by the actors!
Hi Sowbb
Thanks for these. Looking forward to the rest of your collection. Explicit stage nudity is indeed hard to find. One actress I'm particularly interested in, is Rebecca Patek. I've searched quite a while for full versions of her work but found nothing. I've also posted the following requests on another forum but no luck either, so any help would be greatly appreciated... ;) I'm interested in full versions of:

- real eyes (where she dances topless and sucks a cock in front of an audience, trailer: vimeo.com/45035051)
- ineter(a)nal f/ear: nothing to see in the trailer (youtube.com/watch?v=d-Oxd2xIScg), though the video in the background is probably the one labeled 'artist statement p...' on this page (animalnewyork.com/2014/artist-notebook-rebecca-patek). However, pictures like this one (content.animalnewyork.com/wp-content/uploads/Rebecca_Patek_8722.jpg) suggest there may be more to it...
- you and I of the storm (where she has a member of the audience feel her up/finger her: vimeo.com/54562914)

I would be very grateful for any results :D
Well Jeevee, you've read my mind as ms. Patek was next on my list! I've actually been uploading all that I have of her for the past several hours...

Don't get your hopes up too high - I'm afraid that most of what I have are previews :(. I've been looking for the full versions you've mentioned myself, with no real success.
BTW, I've read somewhere that the suggestive picture you've attached was actually done using a dil*o since the actor is HIV positive. She normally does not shy from actual penetration, however, as evident by some of the clips.

Now, for the uninitiated, Rebecca Patek is a well known choreographer, violinist and performance artist who likes to spice up her performances with actual sex acts, sometimes with audience members (planted?). Unlike some of the other offerings here (I'm naming no names), she actually appears to have real talent rather than just the "pr0n factor".

First, a recent presentation. If I remember correctly, she was invited to do a performance for MoMA (NY Museum of Modern Art), and she planned having real live sex with a security guard for that purpose. MoMA obviously didn't approve of the idea, so instead she made a "documentary" about the ordeal. Almost nothing explicit in this one, except for a short bath masturbation scene with fake (?) menstruation blood, but it is quite entertaining IMHO...

Art, Anxiety and Censorship at MoMA PS1; A Panel_hd.7z.001
Art, Anxiety and Censorship at MoMA PS1; A Panel_hd.7z.002
Art, Anxiety and Censorship at MoMA PS1; A Panel_hd.7z.003
Art, Anxiety and Censorship at MoMA PS1; A Panel_hd.7z.004

... and this is the full masturbation scene used in the previous clip (I warn again: "with fake (?) menstruation blood")

Menstruation Fantasy_hd.7z.001

For completeness: only the MoMA presentation without the panel at the end. Basically it's just the first half of the first clip...

Back to the Source_hd.7z.001
Back to the Source_hd.7z.002

An explicit masturbation scene in a promo from January 2016 (no blood this time):

Rebecca Patek - New York Live Arts 2016_hd.7z.001

The Real Eyes trailer Jeevee linked to - I already had it uploaded, so...


As above, You and I of the Storm trailer, in case you want a download link rather than stream.


Not an actual live performance, but it is video-art, explicit and shown during live performances (see next clip):


An excerpt from an unknown performance. She pays an embarrassed female audience member 7$ and then grinds against her leg. If you'll look closely you'll see the previous explicit clip projected on the back wall...


Another piece of video art, also linked in Jeevee's page ("artist statement..."). Probably the porniest of the bunch:


... and another one, not really explicit, part of inter(a)nal f/ear:


This last one is actually a promo for an explicit performance (festival?) of the A.O. movement queer\feminist artists collective. Rebecca Patek participated - blink and you'll miss it...
Does anyone have more of this performance?

The OH Files ⁄ pornography from the ETLE Universe (TRAILER)_hd.7z.001

That's all I have of her at the moment. If anyone has something more of Rebecca Patek, at least two people on this forum would be very appreciative :D.
Last set for today: Quintet and it's sequel Sonata by choreographer David Bloom. Or at least their previews...

These two crowd-funded projects are an exercise in mixing pr0n with dancing. Unfortunately I only have teasers, not all of them explicit, but from what we can see they could be interesting indeed...
If anyone has the full version, please please post it...





Excellent, thanks :) I once had a complete version of his Quintet short movie, subtitled 'a choreopornographic experiment', but I somehow lost it and haven't been able to find it again. It wasn't filmed in front of an audience but it was made by legitimate dancers and was far more explicit than Sonata (including explicit oral and penetration)... Anyone who has the complete version?
The next set on the list is Teatro Oficina. And it's a big set.
This theater company is known for their explicit shows: performing unsimulated sex acts among themselves and sometimes with the audience, as mood dictates. They are also known, god bless their souls, for filming some of their shows and posting them online :).

There are many clips of this company online and in my collection, most of them are repetitive as they represent different performances of the same show. Due to the sheer volume and length of their shows, I tried to include only the explicit clips:

Os Sertões O homen I-.7z.001



Afrodita Pomba Gira _ Afrodita Iemanjá, O Banquete - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.001

Cacilda - Ensaio com o Público da Virada 1.7z.001

Cacilda!!! Reexistencia 2 2.7z.001

Cacilda_e_Semana_4 8 MQ.7z.001

Cacilda_Reestreia_em_Sampã 9.7z.001

Cacilda_Santo_André 2 MQ.7z.001

Cacilda_Santo_André 4 MQ.7z.001

Cacilda_Ultima_Semana 16.7z.001


Circle Dance O homem 2 2003.7z.001

cunnilingus scene - A luta 1 2005.7z.001


For the following show I had two full performances (from different dates) and a nudity excerpt. The full shows are huge (1GB and over 3.5 hours each), and obviously the explicit stuff is sparse, but I uploaded them anyway in case anyone is interested.

MISTéRIOS GOZóSOS edit1.7z.001
MISTéRIOS GOZóSOS edit1.7z.002
MISTéRIOS GOZóSOS edit1.7z.003

Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.001
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.002
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.003
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.004
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.005
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.006
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.007
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.008
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.009
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 22 de Novembro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.010

Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.001
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.002
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.003
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.004
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.005
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.006
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.007
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.008
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.009
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.010
Mistérios Gozósos - AO VIVO 23 de janeiro - Teatro Oficina (360p).7z.011

Continued on the next post as I'm past the 1000 characters-per-post limitation...
...previously on "Explicit on Stage"...

The last two clips in the Teatro Oficina set are somewhat off-topic as they are not from live shows. They represent two shorts from destricted.br (the Brazilian version of Destricted - I wonder if it ever came out in full?) starring two actresses from Teatro Oficina. And yes, there's explicit object-penetration...
Warning: the first clip ad-heeds to the disturbing tradition of utilizing fake (I think) menstrual blood to make itself more "artsy" (?!!!). The second one includes urination in a vase (unsure if it's fake).

PETIT A - Direo de DORA LONGO BAHIA in Cl053-Up and 5pread Pu55i35 on Vimeo.7z.001
PETIT A - Direo de DORA LONGO BAHIA in Cl053-Up and 5pread Pu55i35 on Vimeo.7z.002
PETIT A - Direo de DORA LONGO BAHIA in Cl053-Up and 5pread Pu55i35 on Vimeo.7z.003

Cooking on Vimeo.7z.001
Cooking on Vimeo.7z.002
Cooking on Vimeo.7z.003

As usual, if anyone has more explicit clips from this group, please post.
Hi everyone! First I would like to thank all your positive input and encouragement.
Today I feel like posting some odds-and-ends.

First, some general penetrative performances:

LUNA ROJA_hd.7z.001
LUNA ROJA_hd.7z.002

Warning: this one feels a bit rapey (all staged, of course!)

Princess Live, Performance d'Angélique Bègue_hd.7z.001


Warning: this one is female on male penetration!

Cuerpo Eclipsado_hd.7z.001

The next one is not from a live performance. The story goes that an art student named Emma Sulkowicz claimed to had been raped by a fellow student at her dorms. The university dismissed her allegations, so as a protest\senior thesis she carried around a mattress pending the "rapist" expulsion. It never came (in fact, the accused sued the university for allowing her to harass him with the mattress), so she graduated with it and earned the nickname "Mattress Girl".
After graduation she still couldn't leave well enough alone, so she filmed this piece of "performance art" in which she and her boyfriend enact her alleged rape in hardcore details. The art-world was not impressed...
Now I personally feel sorry for her if she really was raped, but c'mon!

Emma Sulkowicz Mattress Girl Porn - Ceci N'est Pas Un Viol F.7z.001

This clip is from the theater group Os Satyros, and is a trailer for what appears to be an exceedingly explicit performance. It was based on the works of the Marquis De-Sade and appears to contain a scene of male urination.
If anyone has some more explicit goodness from the Satyros, either from this show (Filosofia na Alkova) or another called Não Fornicarás, please post.

Filosofia na Alkova 2009.7z.001

The next clip could be from a pr0n show. It's one of those explicit scenes that sits on the border between artsy p0rn and explicit art, but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt:

Jess Dobkin (2) - Edgy 2009_sd.7z.001

The last two clips are two different instances of a performance called "Kein Applaus für Scheisse!". Done by established performance artists Florentina Holzinger and her boyfriend (?) Vincent Riebeek, it's infamously contains scenes of mr. Riebeek vomiting some blue liquid on Florentina Holzinger, and pissing in her mouth. Yes, you read that correctly.
The copies I have, an excerpt and a full performance, do not contain the mouth-pissing scene. The vomiting is shown, and the second clip does contain an acrobatic golden shower. If anyone has the mouth scene I would be happy to see it, if only out of morbid curiosity...

Kein applaus fur scheisse justporno.7z.001

Kein Applaus für Scheisse! in dance and motion on Vimeo.7z.001
Kein Applaus für Scheisse! in dance and motion on Vimeo.7z.002
Kein Applaus für Scheisse! in dance and motion on Vimeo.7z.003
Kein Applaus für Scheisse! in dance and motion on Vimeo.7z.004
my god this thread is epic! now i dont have much to add, especially losing my laptop to an incompetent bestbuy. but i do know the french actress Annie Lam has done many explicit films, though she requires me to pay for them before viewing...
The first clip for today is actually something I forgot to post last time. A 10 min explicit promo for a performance art festival. Among other things (think "lasers") it contains a scene with Florentina Holzinger.

promovideo 10min in NOS Naked On Stage on Vimeo.7z.001

And now for something... completely different.

I thought a lot about whether to post these here or not. These clips are from Luigi Zanuso (aka Dario Lussuria or Luigi Atomico) and I'm not sure whether to classify them as explicit video art, art-core shorts (think "Story of the Eye") or surrealist pr0n.
The first couple of clips are not explicit per-say and more artistic in nature.
The last two are the parts of a complete anthology of shorts. It includes different cuts of the first group of clips plus a number of highly hardcore pr0n shorts (at least some of them performed by well known pr0nstars). The action gets quite explicit including frequent oral golden showers while still maintaining the artsy surrealism.

Given all that, and the fact that it's a large download (~1.7GB), you may want to skip this one. If, however, you like art-core-esque films - have fun :).

Bellezze lussuriose_sd.7z.001

Le carnivore_sd.7z.001

Ricerca dell'amore assoluto_hd.7z.001
Ricerca dell'amore assoluto_hd.7z.002
Ricerca dell'amore assoluto_hd.7z.003

Rivolta e risveglio_sd.7z.001


Sublime e perverso I parte_hd.7z.001
Sublime e perverso I parte_hd.7z.002
Sublime e perverso I parte_hd.7z.003
Sublime e perverso I parte_hd.7z.004
Sublime e perverso I parte_hd.7z.005
Sublime e perverso I parte_hd.7z.006

Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.001
Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.002
Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.003
Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.004
Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.005
Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.006
Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.007
Sublime e perverso II parte_hd.7z.008