18+ Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stacy Martin NYMPHOMANIAC PART 1 & 2


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Stacy Martin, Sophie Kennedy Clark 'Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 (2014)' HD | SEX | NUDE | HAIRY PUSSY | BJ | AVI - 1280x538 - 314 MB - 13:33 min



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Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stacy Martin NYMPHOMANIAC (2014)


++ Stacy Martin lying back on a bed as she watches a guy play with his penis to get it hard and then having him squeeze her breast through her shirt and have brief sex with her on her back before he flips her over giving us a brief look at her ass and then has anal sex with her all while a woman narrates the scene.

++ Stacy Martin in a train bathroom as a guy lifts up her top giving us a slight look at her breasts before he puts his hands on them and then having sex with her standing up against a wall.

++ Stacy Martin sitting on the sink of a train bathroom having sex with a guy while she looks bored and disinterested.

++ Stacy Martin on a train as she removes a guy's penis from his pants and goes down on him for a while as he struggles and groans until finally he finishes and she sits up and drools cum and wipes it from her lips with her fingers. From Nymphomaniac: Volume I. Note: The penis used in the blow job is a prosthetic.

++ Stacy Martin fully nude as she has intense sex with several different guys in a montage of sex scenes including her riding a guy, having sex on her back, lying on a table, and standing up against a window from behind.

++ Stacy Martin seen fully nude sitting at a table with a guy, standing in a doorway with another guy, and straddling a third guy naked as she talks with them all while the scene cuts around between them.

++ Stacy Martin wearing a school uniform with her white panties pulled down as she's seen in different positions in the front of a classroom pleasuring herself with her hand as well as with various school supplies all during a fantasy sequence.

++ Stacy Martin giving us a good look at her breasts as she bounces up and down while having sex and riding a guy on the ground all while she stops him from grabbing her breasts and a woman narrates over the scene.

++ Stacy Martin bent over against a window without pants on as a guy has hard sex with her from behind giving us a look at her bush in the process all while a woman narrates over the scene.

++ Stacy Martin answering a door naked and then taking some flowers from a guy and putting them in a vase before lying fully nude on her back with her legs spread a bit as a guy lowers his head and then goes down on her while she grabs on to him all as a woman narrates the scene.

++ Stacy Martin seen sitting fully nude on a guy's lap and then seen opening the door to let him in and watching him fill a tub with water before helping her climb naked into it and then washing her with a cloth and briefly kissing her feet a bit all while a woman narrates the scene.

++ Stacy Martin seen in split screen on the left being bathed naked, sitting on a guy's lap, and being gone down on, and then on the right having a guy put his fingers in her mouth and then have sex with her from behind while she's on her knees as he pulls her hair.

++ Stacy Martin having a guy lick her nipple for a while and then rolling around on a bed fully nude with him kissing each other with a lot of tongue before he goes down on her and then they have sex in a variety of different positions all until a split screen begins with them continuing to have sex in the middle and her having sex with another guy on the right and being gone down on by a third guy on the left as well as some other types of nudity and random shots. From Nymphomaniac: Volume I. Note: The explicit penetration in the sex scene is a body double.


++ Charlotte Gainsbourg having two men remove her shirt and pants to reveal a beige bra and black panties and then removing those to reveal her fully nude body before they remove their own clothes and stand around naked talking about her in a different language and then both starting to have sex with her with one guy behind her and her riding the other guy until finally both of them get upset and stand around arguing while she sits naked on the bed staring at their erections.

++ Charlotte Gainsbourg strapped over a couch arm on her stomach as a guy lifts up her skirt to reveal her black panties and then pulling those down and getting some scissors to cut them off before finally inserting his fingers into her to see how wet she is and not liking the results. From Nymphomaniac: Volume II. Note: The close up views are likely a body double.


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At face value, I'd say thats a scream. However its too short & laced with too many cuts to effectively rule out any CGI work, use of molds, body-doubles, prosthetics, etc. Anything that can and will mar the mood. But thanks for the find! Any released date specified?

P.S. An example of mar:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nymphomaniac_(film)#Filming 2013 To produce scenes of unsimulated sex, director Lars von Trier had the genitals of porn actors digitally composited onto the bodies of the film's cast

Now I'm not interested. Maybe will skip through the scenes once its released through torrents, though will not explicitly wait for it to come out. :(
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Yeah it's been a while since they mentioned about the body doubles. I agree that the scenes are too short to really tell, but hell there must be some terrific CGI done there, it looks very realistic. I dunno maybe they really went for it but are just using the excuse of body doubles to cover their asses? When the director's cut eventually comes out, we need the opinion of a movie/cgi expert that can effectively observe if they are real or not.


woa woa are you talking bout the directors cut because i didnt know there was a release date yet

just did some searching and sites keep saying its available for vod on amazon if its prime you can get a free membership to watch it (haven't confirmed its on there yet )

yea its on amazon but still 6.99 usd each i may purchase if its not available soon, but i dont think its possible to download from amazon video
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This is one of those situations that causes piracy... in that I've been more than happy to hop online and pay for a VOD to watch this cut, but every site says it's not available in my region because I'm from Australia. :( Can someone please PLEAsE upload this film or a torrent ASAP .. i hate lagging behind the rest of the world.... here are some caps online from the new cut i managed to find


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