18+ Sex & Violence ( 2013/2015 )


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This is gonna take AGES to download, I cannot find a single peer :/
yes, sometimes no seed, you may try it later, last day i cannot download anymore, but today I have successfully downloaded it in full, just wait

first -- click below link to download

second -- add below that magnet link to your torrent program

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I dunno maybe it's the time I finish work and come home, I'm not able to connect to a single peer :(

If anyone has watched it, are there any more worthwile scenes in there? I've read there are also girl-on-girl scenes and I would be interested to know how they are!


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i just watched season 1,
you guys no need to download it if you are not bi or gay,
bc except ep 1 & 2( my video file is including these scenes)all nude/sex scenes relate between male/male
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