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18+ Sex & Violence ( 2013/2015 )

Discussion in 'Explicit scenes in mainstream cinema' started by he2000, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. he2000

    he2000 Active Member

    Canada cable TV Mini-Series

    the sex scenes really explicit and very hot,
    including a sex scene with hard Dick & Pussy(?) -pic 1 & 2/ Dick inside pussy(?) pic 3.
    Download this video - http://www.mediafire.com/?3qadc5uvg2ex428

    p.s. the gay sex scenes really explicit too, if you want to download the scenes, click below link

    if you want to watch this Series , click below link to download ( torrents ), ps. i just found out season 1 ( ep 1 ) and season 2 ( ep 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, no ep 6 ).

    bandicam 2015-09-19 13-28-18-970.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-29-12-561.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-30-25-624.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-31-23-152.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-31-55-419.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-33-13-404.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-36-14-965.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-38-07-512.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 13-44-12-277.jpg bandicam 2015-09-19 14-13-09-591.jpg
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  2. fiesta

    fiesta Member

    tnx so much!!!;)
  3. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Good find! The scenes are par with "Tell me you love me"!
    Are these the only scenes in the entire series?
  4. Gian

    Gian New Member

    Maybe these aren't the only scenes, but it seems this series is explicitely dedicated to gay people. Here what kellycastlebridge (IMDb member since January 2008) wrote in 2013:
    Virtually no female nudity at all, but very explicit male nudity, including full frontal and even erect penises shown in some episodes, along with very strong and graphic sexual content involving males. (masturbation, handjobs, etc.) The show was written and directed by a gay filmaker, and is very left-wing (liberal) oriented.
  5. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    Well it shows on OutTv which is you've guessed it a mainly gay oriented network but there is a very hot sex scene in S02E03 or E04 I think with the psycho husband fucking his wife she is a bigger girl true but that orange pussy hair is definitely a treat to be hold another sex scene I enjoyed from the same network was from the show DTLA with Jeremy Jackson and that Australia Dillard chick the rest of the series is pretty much gay I imagine and looks to have some fairly explicit stuff for those of you that are into the lifestyle

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2015
  6. Warfighter02

    Warfighter02 New Member

    The blonde in the video is Canadian actress Jackie Torrens.
  7. he2000

    he2000 Active Member

  8. Gian

    Gian New Member

    Very interesting. I didn't know anything about Canada series; thanks for info.
    But, I watched those clips and, despite the (very) graphic scenes, I bet all is fake, as normally happens in cinematography. There's no penetration, no masturbation, etc. There's always a hand, a chair, a leg, a head to hide the action, witch evidently doesn't take place. The flaccid dicks are real (it's simple...), but the (semi)erect ones, well, I have many doubts; they seems to be silicone-rubber made. Their position is not precisely natural, the penetration cannot happen in that posture, etc. Mention in this forum can be done because of the explicit representations, but actually the sex is not real (IMO). And what about the (non-porn) actresses: are they willing to have (some form of) real sex in front of a camera? well, in Europe sometimes they are, but normally they are not, expecially in America. What do you think? I'd like to have other opinions about that.
    In conclusion, cinema is the world of fiction, in depicting every aspect, violence, blood, sex included. I've read that in Spartacus (HBO show) actors in their locker had their own rubber penis to wear... a stage costume...
  9. fiesta

    fiesta Member

    GENRE you are interested in is called PORNOGRAPHY !!!
  10. Gian

    Gian New Member

    If I were interested in pornography, I wouldn't be here. There are millions (pardon, billions) of sites about porn in the Internet, in every form, in every imaginable aspect. This forum is about "Explicit scenes in mainstream cinema": that totally excludes porn movies, as I pointed in many other occasions. That should exclude normal simulated sex scenes as weel; for them there is the section "Non-explicit scenes in mainstream cinema".
    If you look at the pages of this section, you'll notice that. Page 18, for example, lists: In the Realm of the Senses, Spetters, Stefania Casini - Novecento, Caged, Axelle Parker - X femmes S1 E4, Caroline Ducey - Romance X, Lena Nyman - I Am Curious Yellow, Dayana Legrá, Ana Silvia Machado - Molina's Ferozz, Nancy Vee - X - Destricted - Impaled, Serbis, Now and later, etc etc. All these movies include scenes of real sex; actors are engaged in REAL intercourse, but those films are NOT considered pornographic.
    Maybe you are in the wrong forum.
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  11. wowa953

    wowa953 Member

    спасибо большое за ссылки на сериал, интересно снято, но к сожалению, торрент на первый сезон не скачивает сериал. загрузка стоит
  12. wowa953

    wowa953 Member

    помогите пожалуйста, очень хочется посмотреть сериал. заранее спасибо
  13. mammos

    mammos Moderator

  14. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

  15. wowa953

    wowa953 Member

    большое спасибо

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