Sex Cowboys (2016)

When they're watching the "sex scene" on the computer monitor it sure looks like he has an erection and is just sliding out of her. Any articles or interviews talking about the sex scenes in this movie?
After watching some of the other videos on his Vimeo channel also featuring the lead actress from this movie (Nataly Beck'S, what kind of name is that?) I think this one has some potential to be actually explicit.
Yeah, it seems interesting. I don't think there is any copy available out there, because on their movie poster it says "copy on demand", so I guess you have to request it or something...

Also, there aren't a lot of articles talking about it sadly...


Available Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I think we will be able to find more about it after the release of the DVD
It's available as of today on Amazon. I don't know I do not have high expectations of this based on the short clip. I hope I am wrong though...


I got the full movie and here are my first thoughts :
1- The version I got is just over 70 minutes long but when I search the net it's almost always 73 minutes, so I do not know if there is another version or not!?
2- I can not say that there is a clear explicit scene (I will watch the full movie tonight) even though there a lot of sex.
3- I will edit the scenes and upload them but my connection has really really sloooow upload speed ...sorry!