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Graba (2011) by Sergio Mazza

Discussion in 'For request' started by Raulnarrow, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Raulnarrow

    Raulnarrow Member

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  3. seloite

    seloite New Member

  4. Raulnarrow

    Raulnarrow Member

    Sorry men, those are the same scenes from the video up there. There are a lot of sex scenes, some of them explicit, not just those from the video.
  5. proton117

    proton117 Member

  6. Raulnarrow

    Raulnarrow Member

    That's the site of the producers. There aren't videos, scenes or pictures. We have to keep looking. There are people who said that they watched the entire film online.
  7. he2000

    he2000 Active Member

  8. Smut Broker

    Smut Broker Member

    Which cannot be downloaded without premium memberships.
  9. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

    Are there any working premium link generators for upstore.net or keep2share? I guess the full movie must be out there somewhere on usenet or torrent sites, but I haven't been able to find it. It doesn't look like there's any actual "explicit" stuff in it, though.
  10. Raulnarrow

    Raulnarrow Member

    I dont think so. I've read that the movie was controversial beacuse of the explicit sex scenes. In an article (it's in spanish) they say that belen blanco was going into the hardest film of her career, because she had to "put the body por the film". Let's keep searching! The full movie might be anywhere!
  11. Raulnarrow

    Raulnarrow Member

    Here is the twitter account of the owner and uploader. I don't have twitter account, but maybe sending a private message and asking for the video is a good way of solving the problem!
  12. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

  13. Raulnarrow

    Raulnarrow Member

    We already knew that men! hahahaha. We are trying to solve the problem, and get that file!
  14. whizkido

    whizkido Member

    Try the cbox leech sites. I cant as I am on limited bandwidth now. Thanks
  15. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

    Keep2share and Upstore.net seem to available only for paying users on those leech sites. At least on those sites I've tried.
  16. flbax37

    flbax37 New Member

    Are those the only sex scenes? Any non-nude sex scenes?

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