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All About Anna Lust Cinema alternative version

Discussion in 'For request' started by Raulnarrow, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

    It should have those. Don't know how it wouldn't since it's the same exact DVD remux mkv file that I have on my hard drive.

    Do you use VLC? I see five different audio tracks on that file (Audio > Audio Track).
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  2. Pranay Nahar

    Pranay Nahar New Member

    Just saw it, thanks a lot.
  3. Pranay Nahar

    Pranay Nahar New Member

    After watching the DVD commentary, I think that she lost interest in the project after she did an unsimulated scene where the actor comes into her (making her very angry although he was wearing a condom) and the rest of the scenes were just simulated.
  4. signal_20380

    signal_20380 Member

    The boat sex scene is definitely real (Except for the close up blow job. Although she did blow him, as seen in one of the posts above, they just didn't show it clearly). There's practically no way they faked the sex. You can almost see the penetration at least a couple of times (Especially in the "director's cut" version IIRC. That cut is a real mess, but it provides a couple of different angles and positions). They keep it just out of the shot. This movie could have been so much better.

    The kitchen scene on the other hand is simulated.
  5. Pranay Nahar

    Pranay Nahar New Member

    All the sex scenes were pretty much accidental especially the painting scene. The actor comes inside her, which seems pretty big deal for mainstream cinema. Also that same doggystyle scene is the highlight of the movie, rest scenes are just lame. Nevertheless he got lucky.

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