Full Frontal Xanadu French TV Series


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Does anyone happen to have any clips of the French tv series Xanadu. It's about a family who runs a porn business.


is there anything explicit in the series?
Honestly my memory on it is a bit blurred at this present moment because I have not watched it for so long but I believe it so though since I make a duty of usually only downloading extremely sexy stuff


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I heard that an 'uncensored' version was shown on a different channel in France... would this have been explicit because the sex scenes I have seen although not in explicit detail do look unsimulated and you would assume casting a porn star in a role they would have real sex...?


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Mathilde Bisson & Nathalie Blanc XANADU

Mathilde Bisson wearing a nipply white tank top as she walks over to a guy and sits down in his lap, lifting her shirt over her head. A guy then films with a camera as Nathalie sits on top of a barrel and the guy has sex with her while standing between her legs.

Nathalie Blanc lying naked on her back on a red sofa as Mathilde Bisson, also naked, goes down on her and Nathalie arches her back while Mathilde reaches up to squeeze Nathalie's breast. The girls then lesbian kiss for a bit afterward, as another woman watches from a nearby chair.

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