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X-Femmes is a French television series of short films shown on Canal+ in 2008–2009.
They were shot by female directors with the goal of producing erotica
and soft-core pornography from a female point of view.


101. Le bijou indiscret (The jewel indiscreet)
Director: Arielle Dombasle.
Stars: Arielle Dombasle, Jérémie Elkaïm, Paz de la Huerta

101 - Le bijou indiscret (The jewel indiscreet).png

102. Se faire prendre au jeu (Getting to the game)
Director: Lola Doillon.
Stars: Laureen Langendorff and Dominique Viger

102 - Se faire prendre au jeu (Getting to the game).png

103. Enculées (Fucked)
Director: Laetitia Masson.
Stars: Hélène Fillières, Valentine Catzéflis and Camille de Sablet

103 - Enculées (Fucked).png

104. Peep show heros (Peep show heroes)
Director: Helena Noguerra.
Stars: Axelle Parker, William and Myke Glory

104 - Peep show heros (Peep show heroes).png

105. À ses pieds (At her feet)
Director: Mélanie Laurent.
Stars: Fanny Krish, Marc Ruchmann and Déborah Révy

105 - À ses pieds (At her feet).png

106. Vous désirez? (You want?)
Director: Caroline Loeb.
Stars: Alexandra, Béa and Pierre Blanche

106 - Vous désirez (You want).png

201. Samedi soir (Saturday night)
Director: Zoe Cassavetes.
Stars: Alexandre Marouani and Laëtizia-Venezia Tarnowska

201 - Samedi soir (Saturday night).png

202. Pour elle (For her)
Director: Blanca Li.
Stars: Victoria Abril and Karim Letifi

202. Pour elle (For her).png

203. Le beau sexe (The fairer sex)
Director: Tonie Marshall.
Stars: Miko Angelo, Philippe Elkoubi and Marie Pape

202 - Le beau sexe (The fairer sex).png

204. Les filles (Girls)
Director: Anna Mouglalis
Stars: Laetitia-Venezia Tarnowska, Alexandre Marouani, Delphine Radiguet

203 - Les filles (Girls).png
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