The Tribe (2014)


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Tribe / The Tribe (2014)
Title: The Tribe
Year: 2014
Manufacturer: Ukraine, Netherlands
Director: Miroslav Slaboshpitsky
Roles performed by: Gregory Fesenko, Jan Novikov Rose Babi Alexander Dzyadevych Jaroslav Biletsky Ivan Tishko Alexander Osadchiy Alexander Sidel'nikov Alexander Panivan Cyril Kaushik
Scenario: Miroslav Slaboshpitsky
Filmmaker Valentin Vasyanovych, Oia Myslitskaya Elena Slaboshpitskaya
Genre: Drama, Crime
Premiere (world): September 11, 2014

The new film which has quite an original story. Sergei is a school for hearing-impaired children, well it is organized as an illegal group called "tribe". That would at least like to take in the new school what is the status of the protagonist agrees to go on the offense, namely to carry out a robbery. In the school He begins to feel sympathy for a girl named Anna, who belongs to another, and for her it violates all prohibitions "Tribe" as a passion for it changes everything to which he so much sought ...
Actors for the film "tribe" is not chosen among professionals and for many it was a film debut.

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