18+ The Trade Off (Tortured by regret)


Hey everyone has anyone ever came across this? I am not sure if I can call it a mainstream movie. I think it is produced by these guys: http://www.fullcirclefilmworks.com/thetradeoff.html, so I am not sure if it passes as a mainstream film or not. Anyway I found two outtake videos somewhere, one is explicit, so it might worth being "investigated" ;)




Sorry if I posted this in here, perhaps it belongs in the "request" section, but there is too much spam going on in there. If you have to move it mods please do so. Thanks


Yes I am familiar with his work and I am acquainted with a Guyanese guy would claims to be his cousin been trying to get his cousin to introduce me to him for some time now but no luck so far as for your question it films are although they are indeed geared towards the masses but unfortunately most will probably never see them as they do tend to have some very poor female talents in them hence why I would love to meet him and lend some creativity to his productions


Lol so we will be seeing you as a co-producer then? ;)
Lol sure thing my friend one day hopefully soon enough once I get the funds together or meet someone who already has it and we can agree upon certain issues I have also done a bit of acting myself as well back in my country so it is definitely a lifestyle that I do enjoy being a part of