18+ The Great Ephemeral Skin


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This one looks interesting: The Great Ephemeral Skin

Inside the claustrophobic scenery of a fancy apartment in the city of Frankfurt three men and a woman lock themselves in for ten days. Oskar and Julia are a couple. They have sex and let themselves be filmed. Benjamin and Bastian are behind the camera, trying to get pictures of absolute intimacy. Closeness as it can only be found among lovers.


Indeed it does so far it can only be found on filepost but you have to be a premium member to download


i truly dont want to pay for filepost for one film
so if anyone has access to the site,the film, or frankly any of the harder to find lustcinema films please feel free upload to something like mediafire for all our enjoyment


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why dont you just buy the film on onlinefilm.org/de_DE/film/56636 where the makers of the film get a decent share from your pay (only 6 Euro!) and you can get the film as a legal download in good quality? pay those who do the work and not those who just profit from the work of others...
cheers CCW


@CCW I am pretty sure if any one of us did have the extra funds to spare then we would support the project so please kindly refrain from making those type of assumptions on this board no need for your moral authoritiveness thank you