Thalia Ziliotis Explicit Naked Scene


Thalia Ziliotis Explicit Naked Scene

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Fourteen dancers (Thalia Ziliotis, Beatrice Warrand, Loriane Wagner, Ximena Figueroa, Elea Robin, Cecile Renard, Hajiba Fahmy, Simon Bailly, Thierry Verger, Gaetano Vaccaro, Yannick Hugron, Ibrahim Guetissi, Sylvain Decloitre and Matthieu Barbin) in shirt and jeans, sometimes shirtless or in a bra with black lace, all play their part, as the hero of the bloody drama, who loves sex and loves more than life itself. Trinity Gallotta, Gainsbourg and Bashung took the audience on a journey that ricochet between organs and voice, violence and gentleness, into the abyss of desire and jealousy.


Thalia Ziliotis Explicit Naked Scene