Sabine Timoteo - Cyanide aka Cyanure (2013)


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Sabine Timoteo CYANURE (2013)
AKA Cyanide

++ Sabine Timoteo naked on her side as we get a view between her legs from behind as a guy runs his hands up her body. She then rolls over unerneath him and they have sex, her left breast visible. Next, we see Sabine clothed with her hand down between her legs as she plays with herself briefly.

++ Sabine Timoteo showing full nudity in a bath tub as a guy jumps in with her and they talk for a bit before Sabine climbs out of the bath and leaves him behind. We then see her completely naked as she runs through a room and the guy chases after her, picking her up from behind. She stops to use the phone for a bit before the guy takes the phone and throws it outside and she runs out with him, still nude.

++ Sabine Timoteo naked as she has sex with a guy against a wall in a shower, lifting her right leg up as she stands with her back to the wall and her right breast sneaks into view a few times.

Sabine Timoteo is a Swiss actress who has starred in films such as L'amour, l'argent, l'amour (AKA Love, Money, Love, The Days Between (AKA In den Tag hinein) and Die Freunde der Freunde.


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