Real sex RebeldÃa y PornografÃa (Mexico 2013)



I'm a long-time lurker, but this is the first time I have something new to contribute. If I'm doing this wrong then I'm sorry, and please feel free to delete\move this post :oops:.

Now I know that the link goes to xvideos, which is not exactly a mainstream film library, but as far as I can tell by googling (and using google translate - I don't speak the language) this is an art house flick shown at the Distrital Festival (?).

To be honest, this film gives the distinct impression of poorly made amateur porn, complete with closeups of manual stimulation, oral sex and vaginal penetration. However it does contain the mandatory "artistic" touches of bizarre unrelated footage, bad camera angles and unnecessary distortion effects.

One last disclaimer: this is not my rip - I just accidentally stumbled upon it, so credit goes to the original poster.


Hello sowbb and welcome on board! As I can see your are a long-time member like most of us here so you know your whereabouts in our forum :)

All entries are welcome as long as they are not straight-up porn etc posted in the explicit mainstream thread. From the looks of this, it is an amateur/indie movie, which is more than welcome in this forum.

We always encourage our users to participate in the conversations and postings, because it is the users that keep the forum alive!

So welcome once again, and thank you for your contribution.


I would also like to see this again, I can't find it and I can't even remember the scenes and what was going on.