Phillipine pene movies 1983-86

By the way ...

Has anybody heard of so called "pene" movies, Phillippine films released cca. 1983-86 and showing actual sex between the lead actors who were not pornstars?

I remember having a DVD with some scenes from these movies (horrible, VHS-third-copy-rip quality, of course ...) so if someone is interested I may try to find it and post them here. (though, as far as I can see, some are definitely avaible on some porntube pages)
Thanks for the link. I did have a look around in the page you posted, and also went through the videos on xvideos as found in there:

Yeah, they might be mainstream movies, but honestly, I feel as if I am watching an 80s porn, with the music and everything the scenes offer. I know that based on the fact that they are mainstream movies, they surely belong here, and I am glad for the initiative you took, but it just doesn't cut it for me, because I don't get the same "vibe" as when I am watching a normal film and suddenly an explicit act comes into play, if you get my point. It is as if I am watching a regular 80s porn.

But still, it will be a nice addition to our collection here :)