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Michelle Borth TELL ME YOU LOVE ME

Michelle Borth, whose scenes were the most explicit, said "We tried to do it as authentic as possible"

Real Sex Scenes(some of them)!!!
Michele Borth's work in Tell Me You Love Me is some of the finest mainstream sex ever filmed. The test of the authenticity of a sex scene has always been the presence, or usually the absence of the male actors balls between the actress's legs. Michelle's scenes pass with flying colours. She always ends up fully naked throughout the series. Her pussy is neatly trimmed and on at least one occassion her labia is clearly visible. But most importantly her partners testicles are always where they would be if she was really being penetrated. Her initial sex scene sees her being flipped over onto her back, exposing her hirsute vulva. The male actor crouches over her, his large testes dangling between his buttocks. When she is on top her thrusts push down her partners genitals as if they are copulating for real.
In a later scene Miss Borth thrusts vigorously on top of her partner onto his shaft. The angle of the fully erect member leaves no doubt that penetration has taken place. The only question is whether Michele is riding an actor's erect penis or a prosthetic penis. Either way, full marks to Michele for allowing herself to be penetrated on camera!
In another scene with a different actor Michele is again fully naked. It is not clear if she has allowed penetrstion in this scene. The actor has small testes in a flappy little scrotum. Perhaps Miss Borth chose to pass on full penetration with this poorly endowed co-star? (soneag)


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