Nude Mexican/Latin movies


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Not sure, Im on my iPad…you can make a dummy gmail account since the hyperlink is linked to google drive where they are held. It’s pretty safe and the adfly I always choose to block and skip upper top right and it works.


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Took me a while but I figured out how to bypass allowing notifications to download from the posted blog site. So far most of the better films I've gotten are the same ones already available on the Picardia app. Would like to re-up to ask if anyone else can share more contents, sites, or apps of this nature(particularly the ones that actually show explicit nudity). If its a pay site, still share, I'm will to pay so longs as its a reasonable price and is providing new content. It's starting to feel as though I've seen all of the good ones that currently exist, but I hope not. Also if I end up feeling up to it I'll try upload the good ones to a file-share in the future.


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Visiting this thread actually help me find an old gem. I seen this film a long time ago, at that time I assumed it was just a censored hardcore porn(it possibly could still be), but upon this watch, while not made by the same people, appear to be the same type of film. Quality not the greatest, but there are a few brief shots of female intimates, but the best part(which I missed back then) is that a few of the blowjob scene appear they could be real and with maybe a few glimpses of the action. Provided screenshots not the best quality, advise watching the actual scenes.



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Is it possible to share the solution to this my friend?
Yeah. I'm using an Android phone, so it may differ for other devices.

1. Click the Google drive link which opens up the adfly site
2. Wait for the skip option to become available on the top right corner then click
3. That will open up another adfly page which will keep spamming for you to allow notifications and popping up ads
4. It takes a while, but keep blocking and X-ing out the pop up ads until a new skip button becomes available.
5. You will not be able to standard click the skip button this time, try all you want, but it won't do anything, you'll have to hold click/right click to copy link address or open link in tap/page
6. Now you have the Googledrive page to watch or download the movie.

I finished combing through them last night, unfortunately some of them do not work, was removed for TOS reasons or you need special access. You do not figure out which are this way without going through all of the above process, which is annoying. Some of the ones I know are good from the Picardia app are this way as well a some of the ones I have not seen.


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I straight up forgot to share the downloaded movies from before, but I figured out how to download the movies straight from Picardia, but it's slow going. I will post gofile links in the future a few movies at a time since this is taking forever. Keep a look out if you're interested. They will be named but at this point I don't remember any timestamps for the good parts or what movies contain what content. Some will only have frontal labia shots, others will have quick glimpses of vag and/or anus, and some will have longer shots of vag and/or anus. All the ones I found with explicit content is contained to nudity, no real sex.