18+ Marjorie Cottreel - La vie de Jesus


Marjorie Cottreel explicit sex and nudity scenes from La vie de Jesus aka Life of Jesus


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duration: 00: 03: 28
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Its strange to me when its claimed body doubles are used. I can understand for a high profile celeb to use body doubles for nude scenes. Anyone can hire a stripper I supposed. And I'm sure many girls won't mind doing it being in a high profile movie. But these lower profile movies with unknown celebs? Who are these girls they find to have sex? And with similar bodies? Sure, porn stars, prostitutes, strippers are more likely to be. Right? Because women willing to have sex like that don't just fall from trees. I work in movies. Sometimes an actress will ask for a body double. These actresses are not known. They've done basically nothing. The response is always, "well, we would just hire that body double for the lead role since she's willing to do it". I think a lot of this body double talk is just a way to get people to believe it wasn't real. Protecting the actors. When in fact it was.