Looking for name of movie


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There was a clip from this movie circulating on xvideos or xhamster for a while earlier this year but I can't seem to find it anymore, but I can describe it pretty well, I think. It looked like it was made in the 2000-2010s.

A teen girl and boy are in an apartment or house, speaking what I think is Russian. Their mood is very quiet throughout the scene, not laughing, not crying or speaking loudly at all. She has blond hair pulled back into a ponytail, heavy mascara and bright blue eyeshadow. They're in a hallway talking, then go into a bedroom. He lays her back on the bed. The camera view is from the foot of the bed, level with the surface of the bed and she is lying on the right side of the bed, so her head is on the left side of the camera POV and her legs are off-camera to the right. It only shows her from the waist up. He is evidently removing their pants/underwear (off camera) when she stops him to talk more. He responds with a few answers. My impression is that she's nervous and reluctant and he's trying to convince her to have sex. She evidently gives in, then she turns her head to her right (towards the camera) and allows him to have sex with her. It doesn't show any nudity, but the sounds and movements were evocative. The clip ended with a phone on a nearby table starting to vibrate.

Any ideas?
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