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If you are not familiar, a lingam massage is basically a glorified handjob and the women doing these don't consider themselves as sex workers, they think of the penis (Lingam) as just another body part (or the vagina which they call yoni) that should be massaged and an orgasm is optional (it's not the goal of the massage). I dumbed it down but you probably get it.

There are lots of porn type videos of these massages that I find boring but on a rare occasion I find these gems where the people giving the massage are not involved in porn and they do them in a spiritual and non sexual way, sounds kinda weird considering they give handjobs and some people cum during these but I don't know how else to describe it.

introduction around 1:48 and demonstration around 3:00

Here is a well known video of the kind of massage, the people here are probably porn actors but the woman (Jaiya Ma) guiding and demonstrating it is not involved in porn (doesn't shoot porn videos herself) and has some other clips and guides like this.

Now I have a video which you probably can't find online ( Bought it long time ago) where a well known woman in this industry in Germany has an explicit guide on these massages, down below are some pics (please forgive me I am horrible at this). The cumshot is edited out but you can see 4-5 frames of it happening in one of the pictures below. If you are interested I can send the video to one of you (where you guide me) and you can upload it (I'm truly horrible at this sorry).

If you have anything similar, where the video is not pornographic (sounds weird saying it lmao) please post down below.


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