Leonor Watling - The Oxford Murders


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Leonor Watling The Oxford Murders

Leonor Watling showing her nice breasts as she has sex with a guy in bed, first sitting and facing him in his lap, and then fading to a shot of her leaning over him as she pulls the sheets over her shoulders.

Leonor Watling seen from behind as she stands in a kitchen wearing just an apron, her bare butt in view as she fixes a plate of spaghetti for a guy. She then approaches the guy, her breasts barely covered by the apron, and then makes out with him on the floor. He puts a handful of the spaghetti on her apron and we see her left nipple pop into view while she lies on her back.

Leonor Watling making out with a guy in a hallway as they rush to undress, bursting into an apartment as we see Leonor in her bra, showing great cleavage. The couple then continue to kiss as they move around the apartment, ending up on a couch where the guy reaches up to squeeze Leonor's breasts. The scene ends with Leonor straddling the guy and unhooking her bra, though we see no nudity as it's shown from behind.


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Spanish actress Leonor Watling has appeared in a number of European films, including Son de mar and Hable con ella, also known as Talk to Her.

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