Las Hijas Del Fuego 2018


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On the IMBD page points out for an early 2019 theatrical release, so we're not gonna get anything for a while.


Nice find! It will definitely have explicit scenes, as many articles point out. There will even be a 10-minute masturbation scene at the end of the film, explicit as well if I understood correctly. Dildos and sex toys are also mentioned.

The characters on the other hand might not be as attractive as we would expect them to be, and I don't mean it in a bad way, but may not cater to the taste of some people.


What a shame it seems to have only lesbian sex scenes ... By the way, I am curious who is gonna perform the explicit sex; some of them seem to be established actresses (Cristina Banegas, Sofía Gala).


As I understood from the translated articles, the established actresses will probably have cameo or very brief appearances, and not participate in the explicit scenes, which is a shame really....


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Well that was awesome. While I admit some of the actresses were too much on the heavy side for my taste, I applaud the whole team for delivering where a lot of others have failed. No filters, nothing to hide, just some pure uninhibited sex and we are lucky enough to be witnesses of those amazing acts. Bravo!


Content-wise, exactly what we're looking for. But man was that hard to watch... Great for people who like big girls though.