18+ Lana Cooper, Miriam Mayet - Bedways


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The director of the artcore-pic BEDWAYS shot a new project! It's called REHEARSALS and it is a kind of a remake of his film. In the new project there are really graphic and unsimulated sex scenes in it! Some more scenes and much more pornografic than Bedways! Also the director himself is playing one of the lead! But there is no regular release. Only a strong limited release of only 100 copies (numbered and signed) could be picked here:
You find here some pictures at the official RP Kahl blog, scroll down! http://rpkahl.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/rehearsals-urauffuhrung-bei-den-hofer-filmtagen/
Check it out! I like it a lot!



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Miriam Mayet & Lana Cooper BEDWAYS

+Lana Cooper lying on her back topless, seen in just a pair of black panties as she puts her right hand down them. She is then seen sleeping next to a guy completely naked, showing breasts and bush.

+Lana Cooper in a pair of white panties and a thin tank top as she stands up in front of a mirror and first hikes her tank top up to reveal her breasts. She then slides her panties down to expose her bush before pulling the tank top off completely to show full-frontal nudity. Completely naked, she then turns around to show her bare butt before wrapping herself in a towel.

+Lana Cooper fully nude on her back as a guy kisses his way down her body. We then see her putting a condom on the guy's erection before she climbs on top of him and they have unsimulated explicit sex, Lana riding the guy while still naked.

+Lana Cooper lying on a bed as Miriam Mayet walks over to her topless, pulling her socks off and directing Lana to remove her sweatshirt. Lana then lays backs topless, wearing just a pair of black panties with her right hand down them as Lana helps position her.

+Miriam Mayet making out with a guy as he removes her bra, revealing her breasts. The guy then slides down her jeans, revealing black see-through panties before the guy puts his head between her legs. She then lays the guy back, pulling his erection out of his pants and kissing it before leaning over him and stroking it with her hand.

+Miriam Mayet standing naked in a shower, her bare breasts visible as she holds the showerhead above her head and lets the water run down her head and face.

+Miriam Mayet holding a phone to her ear as she pulls down her black bra to free her left breast, which she massages and plays with using her other hand. She then puts the phone down, pulling her jeans down to reveal some see-through black panties and rubbing herself through her panties using her right hand. leaning back with her left breast pulled out of her bra and her right hand thrust down her panties as she plays with herself. She then slides her panties partway down to give an explicit look between her legs as she continues to rub herself. Part 2 of 2 of a long masturbation scene.


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