Kate Dickie - Red Road nude scene


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The above link leads to downloading an .exe from rapidgator.

Is there an alternative link?


saw the film a while back and it was not bad..............that one scene was quite good. i am sure that many scenes were cut from that film so it would be good to see an uncut version one day


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Kate Dickie "Red Road" HD

Kate is a thirty-something brunette with a slender frame. This is a gritty naturalistic movie and the fimmakers have made no attempt to soft-light or glamorise the actors but I thought Kate looked pretty good in her first nude scene in the movie where she stands naked in her bathroom revealing small dark-nippled breasts and a curvy rear-end in good (if harsh) light for long enough to get a good overview of her body. Her second nude scene is a sex scene, again gritty and naturalistic, in which her co-star Curran spends a good part of what is an unusually long scene with his head between Kate's legs - a rare sight in movie sex. The scene is oddly lit, partly the light from a lava lamp, but the viewer still has a good view first of Kate's breasts and then, as her co-star works down her body and pulls off her jeans and knickers, of a clump of dark springy pubic hair. The view is mainly down Kate's body to her bush and - as the angle is from above - revealing rather than gynaecological. The oral sex goes on for some time until Kate's character reaches orgasm and then there is penetrative sex which is less revealing of Kate's body, though there are still several good looks. Afterwards there are a few more brief reveals as Kate dresses hurriedly. An intense sex scene of unusual verisimilitude, which some will find erotic and others will find to rough and unpolished.

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