18+ Jennifer Connelly - Requiem


As much as I love ass-2-ass, this isn't explicit.
And Jennifer seems like the type of actress (least resistance) who is able and willing to do pretty much just about any thing providing of course she has a very authoritative and stern director who won't be afraid to lay down the law


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Jennifer Connelly "Requiem for a Dream" ALL UNCENSORED SCENES
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Standing in front of a mirror, she shows bush but she has a bra on - strange. In the sex club scene, her face and body are NEVER visible at the same time so I HIGHLY doubt that was her in the overhead shot, or any others. This was a frame-by-frame look on the unrated DVD.

This movie follows the downward spiral of drug addiction and the lengths that Jennifer Connelly's character will go to get money for drugs. Although we get to see her pubic hair, I will focus on other areas. Early in the movie she contacts a previous acquaintance and agrees to have sex for money. We see her rigorously copulating but unfortunately no nudity. As she becomes more desperate she contacts a well to do drug dealer and performs oral sex on him for drugs (unfortunately we only see her going down - no other action). In her final scene in the movie she agrees to take part in a naked lesbian floor show, where she is goaded by the audience to perform ass to ass sex. She kneels down doggy style and we watch her face as a double ended dildo is lubricated, then inserted deep into her anus. The other girl connects, then they proceed to copulate, thrusting deeply into each other. We get a good view of her gorgeous ass, both from the side and above, and use of freeze frame shows there is certainly some object connecting the two girls. In terms of her performance in this movie I don't buy the body double bit. In many interviews she has stated she is proud of the nude scenes she has done, and in respect of this movie she has stated she doesn't regret anything she did. I also get the feeling that she is a bit of an exhibitionist, for although she has said she never wanted to make money as a man's sex toy, in this movie she has one inserted into her anus. As for the comments this scene is not erotic, also excuse me - this is one of the most beautiful women in the world staring you in the eye as she has a dildo inserted into her ass, then performs an anal sex act with another woman in front of a cheering audience. How many mainstream actresses as gorgeous as Jennifer Connelly have ever done anal. A stellar performance. Thank you Jennifer!!! (Bushyboy)
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