Holiday (2018)



The star is Victoria Carmen Sonne, whom I believe is not shy at all, given her background movies. There is word that the movie contains one rape scene, that compares to Irreversible or even more rough, so I don't know how the audience or users here will appreciate it.

The scene however, might be explicit:

"An out-of-nowhere scene of very rough hardcore sex and violence will limit exposure in many markets, although if there was ever such a sequence that is essential to the theme and eventual dramatic trajectory of a film, this is it."

"He becomes even rougher as he gets turned on, leading to a fully explicit sex scene of exceedingly unsavory rough domination that involves forced intercourse as well as oral sex, culminating in a gesture of utter contempt and dismissal."

"Over the course of 90 minutes, young protagonist Sascha (Victoria Carmen Sonne) is assaulted in so many ways — from an echoing strike across the face in the opening minutes to extended vaginal rape later on — under the camera’s calm eye that “Holiday” risks becoming a passive exercise in extremity alone. "

I honestly don't know how I feel about scenes like this, but given that it might have an explicit scene to add to our library, I'm totally up for it!


Looks like a nice find. I do not like rape/violent sex scenes but if there is gonna be explicit sex there is nothing to be done but watch it.


Looks like a nice find. I do not like rape/violent sex scenes but if there is gonna be explicit sex there is nothing to be done but watch it.
Well lets wait and see for ourselves first after all a lot of these so called writers or critics really do tend to exaggerate and stretch the truth of what actually happened like that Chilean film some years that everyone was talking how explicit the sex was and there was even a campaign to have it banned in the extremely catholic country but the end product and even the behind the scenes features showed absolutely nothing worthwhile


From Mr. Skin review:

"(0:02) Mill Jober is doing some kind of sexy performance dance in a skirt and large bikini top.

(0:04) Victoria Carmen Sonne in a bathing suit in a dressing room in the mirror.

(0:14) Laura Kjær lying out in a yellow bikini.

(0;16) Victoria Carmen Sonne in pink bikini at water park.

(0:17) Laura Kjær in yellow bikini bottoms at the ice cream shop.

(0:18) Breasts on Mill Jober in blue bikini bottoms lying out at the beach. Laura Kjær in the background showing her breasts in just yellow bikini bottoms.

(0:23) Panties visible on Victoria Carmen Sonne as she lies passed out on a bed and the guy lifts up her dress. The guy then puts her legs in various positions.

(0:26) Victoria Carmen Sonne gets out of bed in just her panties. See some brief left breastfrom the side.

(0:36) Close-up of DANCER on stage dancing in a skimpy outfit.

(0:44) From a distance we see Laura Kjær lying out in her yellow bikini and Victoria Carmen Sonne in a blue bikini with a cover on.

(0:49) (REAL SEX) Victoria Carmen Sonne has her shorts pulled off her on the ground revealing her bush. The guy moves his penis up to her mouth and forces her to suck it which we see her do. He also touches her bush and then eventually cums over her face. This is all done in a single shot.

(0:53) We see Victoria Carmen Sonne’s buns at the end of this single shot as she starts to stand up.

(1:07) Victoria Carmen Sonne on a raft in the pool in a bikini.

(1:15) Victoria Carmen Sonne pulls her panties down under her dress.

(1:27) Victoria Carmen Sonne in a bathing suit on a boat.

(1:28) Laura Kjær in yellow bikini. Mill Jober lying out in a bikini."

I can't wait!



Using google translate:

"In the most scary scene, a rape is seen, whose marriage seems very real. That was by no means, Eklöf assures. The penis was used in the descriptions and the scene was finalized with digital special effects.

Eklöf knew exactly what he wanted the scene to look like. He did not include close-ups.

I did not want to feel emotional - look at how she suffers! I just wanted the viewer to understand what's just happening."



"The scene has been taken with one shot, as cuts and close-ups are ways to manipulate the viewer. The camera is in its wake and the viewer has to decide where and how he looks.

"The porn is cut close to a woman's face. It is exploitation, "says Eklöf.

The choreography of the scene was carefully examined. As an artist, Eklöf has no boundaries, but as a director, it was important for Actors to trust the plan. No one desires any surprises when describing something so delicate.

It means that every shot, knockout, and jogging was written and trained. Sexual organs did not touch each other - The core had a prosthesis, the Sun's lower back.

"In the test descriptions, we did the same scene with improvisations, and it did not work. Situations got out of hand so I had to step in. "


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So... A prosthetic penis and some special effects?

Disappointing but not surprising IMO. I think most of us have come to expect this by now. Plus the fact that it is a rape scene made this even more likely. And I have to admit that it actually makes sense to fake it when it comes to rape scenes.

Google translate doesn't really work that well with those smaller languages now does it?

BTW The director also says that the male lead (Lai Yde) is a sociopath who improvised all of his dialog (against her orders) and that she won't work with him in the future. Or something to that effect.


Can you please provide us with a screenshot or maybe a clip of the scene?? I would really like to see it!! Thank you very much!


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Agreed, i believe it is only available online for streaming in Spain so if someone who has seen it (and it sounds like some have) could screengrab or download it and share that'd awesome. I hate when things are released in different places at different times.. its 2018