Real sex Glimpse 18 by Roy Stuart


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It doesn't seem like a good idea to provide your mobile number to download it. I'm not going to do it. But if anyone dares, please share the files openly.
There's a small charge attached to the download but I can't see a way to actually pay it from outside Poland.
They want around 4 Euros for 10GB data.

Edit: worked it out :).
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It doesn't seem like a good idea to provide your mobile number to download it. I'm not going to do it. But if anyone dares, please share the files openly.
You can use Prembox com to download from and pay anonymously with crypto for the transfer. Cool tool BTW, supports filejoker, keep2share, rapidgator and many others. If this helped you I invite to use my referral link :),ref=piotrsujecki1


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Roy Stuart: V (2008)

In his new book, the fifth to date, Roy Stuart hones this exploration into something more forthright, close to film. The photos “tell” short stories, like short films, and the models become actors, their movements caught in freeze frame studies, between portrait and narrative. Sex is more explicit, while retaining some of the mystery characteristic of erotic images. A DVD, which comes with the book, contains several scenes from which the photos are taken, with extracts from the “Glimpse” DVD series and Stuart’s full length feature film, The Lost Door. The overall impression produced by this work is that Stuart has introduced eroticism into pornography, or vice versa. He clouds issues, confuses codes, disorientates and takes risks, all the while behaving as an artist who is exploring a new middle road – fusional, original and hard to follow, but promising. Somewhere between simplistic X-rated films and pure eroticism, between trivial reality and abortive dreams, he seeks and finds a third way, the royal way.​

Roy Stuart, V.jpg

 A Beautiful Sexual Explosion!
This is Stuart’s fifth book from Taschen and the common denominator throughout is Stuart’s powerful, unique, erotic style. This collection of stills also includes a DVD that chronicles the action. This is striking because the photographs are not random snapshots but appear to follow the sexual encounters as their play out. And though the live action is spectacular .. the photographs are electrifying. The locations, wardrobe, makeup, and especially the flawless beauty of the models themselves give the work a forbidden quality – like a Vogue photoshoot gone wrong, where the models suddenly gave into their desires and started to grab and claw and ravish each other. Through Stuart’s camera we are allowed witness to each chaotic, sexual explosion. It’s the ultimate voyeur experience.​

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Roy Stuart is an American art photographer that lives in Paris and deals mostly with erotic photography, hard and soft. He also dabbles in porn himself as an actor and mainly as a director. The Glimpse series started as a collection of scenes he worked on - he did stills, but the entire scene was shot on video and released as an erotic short within the Glimpse collection. Over time the series grew in notoriety and became a collection of artistic shorts more (in)famous than the stills. The scenes themselves are exclusive to the series: some are videos of still photography sessions as I mentioned and some are sort of BTS footage for scenes he did for other projects.

One of the most famous of those shorts is "Giulia" with Anna Bielska: he created it as an erotic softcore(-ish) film for Tinto Brass, but in reality is was shot hardcore and later released by him in a more complete cut. Fun fact - the hardcore scene in the sex club was actually shot in a real sex club for a real audience of strangers. Anyway, Anna Bielska was not a porn actress but rather a "bohemic" sort of actress AFAIK, and only did hardcore for him. She remained his collaborator and "muse" throughout the series, at first as a performer during early Glimpse volumes, but she stopped after suffering a severe legs injury in a ski accident. The (horrible, sorry) mumbling music you hear in the background is usually her doing.

I don't know about the Indian girl...

That was everything you never wanted to know about Roy Stuart* - *But was not afraid enough not to ask.

That stinks about Bielska. She's hot!! Do you know how many different appearance she ended up making in the Glimpse series?


I'm afraid Roy Stuart isn't exactly happy about the back door... at least not for his girls. I don't remember any anal scenes in the entire collection, although I'm not saying it doesn't exist...

Not many but every once in a while a finger will make it's way into a bumb and I can only recall one full anal scene. It was early on in the first 5 or 6.
I'll track it down and get back to you exactly which.