18+ Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye (2003)


Hey guys. Maybe some of you already know about this movie (underground?)


Well there are 2 very explicit sex scenes (one regarding mirrored sex and blowjobs and one very graphic lesbian scene).

You can download them from here (sorry for the post from another forum it's the only place I managed to find them):


What intrigued me were the actresses. They do not seem to be any kind of pornstars. Melissa Elizabeth Forgione seems to be the girl with the stomach scar and is credited for very small roles according to IMDB. The other girl Courtney Shea seems to have appeared only in this movie and usually works as an extras casting assistant.

I found it very brave that they managed to pull of these kind of scenes and that the scenes are not so popular between the explicit mainstream fans.

Any more enlightenment regarding these 2 girls would be highly appreciated. :)

chan adit

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try this link below :


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try this link below :
I don't know about this one, I tried to download it ,just to test it out, but it want start. Probably becouse there is a small number of seeders and leechers.


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Does anyone have this in higher resolution and/or higher bitrate? Mainly interested in the lesbian scene :) The resolution and quality is so poor on those files, though :(