Nude Gemma Arterton, Isabelle Candelier 'Gemma Bovery (2014)' HD


Gemma Arterton in hot sex scene from Gemma Bovery (2014)

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Gemma Arterton GEMMA BOVERY (2014)

Gemma Arterton having sex with a guy on a chair, seen over the back of the chair as she rides him in his lap while wearing a nightgown. After they finish, Gemma climbs off the guy and we see that her nightgown is hiked up to her waist, though she appears to be wearing panties so her butt is not fully visible.

Gemma Bovery being let in the door by a guy and taking her trench coat off to reveal a sexy bra and panties combo underneath. The guy then begins making out with her before we see them having sex, Gemma sittin gon the edge of a table wearing just her bra as we see plenty of great bouncing cleavage as the guy stands between her legs. Her right nipple is also popping out of her bra as she lays back on the table and the guy pauses briefly when they knock a figurine off the table before they resume having vigorous sex.


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