18+ Franco Trentalance, Cristina Mazzuzzi, Morena Ciotoli, Lisa Corleone - Uncut


Explicit scenes compilation from comedia Uncut (2003).
Cast: Franco Trentalance, Cristina Mazzuzzi, Morena Ciotoli, Lisa Corleone.


size: 104mB
duration: 00: 11: 12
resolution: 720 x 304
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This film is basically a novelty piece. After a bad fall occasioned by an assignation gone wrong, a man is bedridden with a fractured hip and one leg in a cage-brace. Unable to go on the prowl, he desperately goes through his address book, trying to persuade the women he's known to come over and have sex with him. The single camera, ostensibly mounted at the foot of the bed so the doctors can keep an eye on his leg injury, is focused on his crotch, which latter, as his face is never shown, must do any acting that's to be done.

In the wrong hands, which would be just about anybody's, this would have become either a five-minute porno joke or some horrible 'arty' film. However, writer/director Gionata Zarantonello manages to sustain the gag long enough to build a pretty good comedy around it. As the doorbell constantly rings ("Who is it? Okay, come in, the key's under the mat") and the sheet comes and goes, a parade of other, similarly unseen, characters mix up the plot from the sidelines and we realize there's more going on here than was first apparent.

I certainly wouldn't call this film great or meaningful in any way (it's not even pornographic), but as far as wry comedies go, it fulfilled its end of the bargain nicely, eliciting startled barks of glee from us more often than not. Even the "I'm not going to look at THAT for an hour" attendee, after a grumpy ten minutes, was won over and heard to snicker on multiple occasions. (imdb)

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