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Gorgeous Jugs!!!!

There are six steamy scenes in this movie and some of them are hot!!!
First: Between Diane Lane & Richard Gere in their bedroom. She is wearing her nightdress without any underclothing (bra,underwear). She enteres the room-Lowers left string of nightie-half left boob revealed but we can't see the nipple-gets on top of him-kiss-he uplifts her boobs (from inside the nighte; no boobs in full glory in this scene)-kissis neck and between boobs-interrupted by son. Second: Between Diane & Oliver Martinez in Oliver's bedroom. He unbuttons her shirt-fingers her bellybutton-removes underwear-pets *****-kiss-she goes to the bathroom and pees.
Third: Diane Lane in the bathtub (she literally coveres her melons with her hands! Who does she need to be shy of when there is no one else in the room?)-nipslip as she sits straight-Richard enteres the bathroom-faint outline of tits from the side as she talks to him-he enters the bathtub and pets her bush-she gets up-flaunts her bum as she wears the robe. Fourth: This one is hot!!! Diane bumps into Oliver in a restaurant and follows him to the toilet-kiss-lowers left side of her top-slips hand into black bra-reveals left melon and squeezes it-removes her underwear as she removes his pant and underwear-clings on to him-ah ah ah ah!!! Fifth: Hottest!!! Diane is sitting on the bed-Oliver enters the room-removes her shoes and unbuttons her top-removes her clothes-reveals black bra-sits behind her-pets her bra-romantic talk-unhooks bra-reveals sagged juggs in full glory-squeezes and presses them (Does he wish for milk to come out of the jug?)-kiss.
Sixth: In Olivers staircase-kiss-removes her pant-she remove his-he lowers her underwear-removes his own-she tells him "***** me"-ah ah ah ah (might be hurting)
Diane Lane's jugs are so sagged that they can touch the floor anytime. Hot! (apunkachoice)

Must see!!!


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