Explicit Details hiding in the shadows.


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These clips have been posted before but using video processing tool to zoom and enhance the scenes brings out some interesting details that are otherwise hidden in the shadows. For a new take on some old scenes in slow motion :

Clara Choveaux in Elon Nao Acredita na Morte (2016) https://1fichier.com/?okxpbd5gqhoonsiz4y9p

No question about Clara's acting...


Naomi Scheiber, Romy - Der Unschuldige https://1fichier.com/?jtwh52ukbpqh84rxahko

Did she or didn't she..?

Naomi Scheiber.jpg

Daniela Schmidt in Chorus (2015) https://1fichier.com/?kq6hm4gtodpkga7yop7o

Did he or didn't he...?


Hagar Ben-Asher in The.Slut (2011) https://1fichier.com/?pgdqr296vg5ytwzfj90h

Was it all good acting as they claimed? IMO his thrusts stay too precise through all his moving around to be just good acting...

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More scenes using a video processor to zoom and enhance details hiding in the shadows...

Irene Azuela in El bufalo de la noche (2007) https://1fichier.com/?1vkkldrxxg050qzbtftl

Pretty realistic for just acting....

Irene Azuela.jpg

Shannon Tweed in Singapore Sling (1999) https://1fichier.com/?54hnhe94c86j8bnwvoja

Did she or didn't she...?


Yekaterina Golubeva in Twenty-nine Palms (2003) https://1fichier.com/?tlitv97fg969uglb7hek

Probably not ..you be the judge. Still hot either way...


Sarah Hagan in Sun Choke (2015) https://1fichier.com/?p5m4ob1a63h7n0jx44fc

Many have noticed that something was going on in this scene... well, now you know for sure.
Actors say in interviews that it's all acting and no "real sex" takes place on set... looks pretty real to me, Sarah!

Sarah Hagan.jpg

Linda So in Love Actually Sucks https://1fichier.com/?akupjzeh9b0e0b60yxc0

Another old one....scene brightened. Yes, she actually sucks pretty good...

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It's so random though, there's absolutely no logical reason for it to be real, but clearly there's something going on down there. My eyes and my brain are in conflict on this one. Good threads my friend. I love this kind of stuff.


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How about the dark scene in Pendular 2017 when the woman is on top of him? I am sure it is explicit sex but you can't see because it's too dark.


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Raquel Karro in Pendular (2017) dead link

Scene is quite dark and only a 720p source...you'll have to use your imagination.



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Enhanced view, as requested Dead link

Are you mistaken about the explicit scene as there is nothing to see... She just grinds her clit on his ass for awhile and then kisses his ass. His dick can't be that long to wrap around his hip.

Your mind must be playing tricks...