Dau (2019)


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What are the odds the rest of these films ever see the light of day? I have not seen anything online nor any updates to their site or Facebook page. Seems like the project is dead.


Great job! But where did you find this? Is there a new version of the film or have they released deleted scenes and extras??
More importantly is there anymore deleted or extended scenes??

Concerning the extended scene from Natasha with the explicit bj: Has anyone found out where this came from?

All the full movie files I have seen (I also checked many uploads on VK) only contain the sex scene without the bj (total movie duration = 2:17:53).

BTW, some movie sites indicate that the version shown on festivals is 145 min long, while the released movie is 138min.
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I found a version with the bj included.

It's a standard definition file with hardcoded polish subtitles. It has english credits. Duration is 2:18:54


I downloaded it here, using jdownloader:

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Has anyone ever read a review about Nora Son? Was it even screened anywhere just to get a bit more information?


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The Guardian has seen it: "The third film, set more than a decade later, is more startling. Dau has considerably aged and is almost bedridden (the real Lev Landau had a debilitating car accident in 1962; he died in 1968). His son Denis has grown up into an eccentric man-child. Nora is bored and lonely. There is incest, and prolonged scenes of graphic, unsimulated sex." https://www.theguardian.com/film/20...had-absolute-freedom-until-the-kgb-grabbed-me
nora son has real sex in it but im guessing cause its about incest it never got released. pity cause radmila is hot


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dau regeneration is another one we wont ever see. its got real sex too apparently but I think the actress

OLGA SHKABARNYA is a retired pornstar​

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Anyone got any updates on this and if we will ever be able to watch the rest of them?
I've tried several times to get in contact, both via the website and Facebook-page, to get any information about releases of the remaining films, but no replies at all.. Nora Son and Regeneration seems interesting, too bad if they never will be released.