18+ Daphne Patakia @ To xypnima tis anoixis (GR 2015) [HD 1080p] [semi explicit, full frontal]


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Daphne Patakia - Spring Awakening (2015)

Daphne Patakia reclining in the back seat of a car as a guy gives her oral sex, tonguing her as we get a brief explicit view between her legs. We then also see her left breast as the guy moves up to have sex with her. From Spring Awakening (AKA To xypnima tis anoixis).

Daphne Patakia seen emerging from the water at a beach while naked at night, giving us a shadowy view of her nude body. We see her butt from the side while she is in the water, and then get a closer view of her left breast in particular as she sits down on the sand with a guy.
Daphne Patakia first seen standing naked, then lying on her back on a bed and running her hands down between her legs to masturbate. She then licks her fingers and rubs herself some more, seen from above as she writhes against her hand before turning onto her side and curling up.

Daphne Patakia topless in the front seat of a car as she leans over to kiss a guy while he drives around a parking garage, then leaning back and putting her head out the open window.


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