Full Frontal Dakota Johnson, etc 'Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015)' (Uncut)


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Dakota Johnson FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015)

Dakota Johnson kissing a guy before he leads her into another room, where he pulls down her pants to reveal her panties while kneeling in front of her. The guy then helps her take her shirt and bra off and Dakota lays back topless as the guy then slips her panties off and gets on top of her to have sex. From Fifty Shades of Grey (AKA 50 Shades of Grey).

Dakota Johnson walking across a room wrapped in a bed sheet, approaching a guy who is playing the piano. She then drops the sheet to the floor to reveal she is naked underneath, showing her butt as she climbs into the guy's lap and he picks her up and carries her back out of the room.

Dakota Johnson dropping her shirt to the floor to show her bare butt as she steps naked into a bath tub. A guy then joins her and she lays back in his arms, showing her breasts. After the bath, we see Dakota standing as the towel wrapped around her falls to the floor and the guy fetches a tie out of a drawer and binds her wrists together with it. He then lays her down on a bed and we see her breasts and bush as she puts her arms behind her head and arches her back while the guy kisses his way down her stomach until they are interrupted by someone at the door.

Dakota Johnson lying on a bed as a guy ties her wrists together and binds them to the bed frame above her head. He then slides her leggings off and pulls her shirt up and uses it as a blindfold for Dakot, giving us a view of her breasts and bush. The guy then takes an ice cube and kisses Dakota with it before touching her breasts with it and sliding it down her stomach. The guy then flips Dakota over and we get a good look at her butt before the guy begins to have sex with her from behind.

Dakota Johnson lying in bed with a guy naked. She is on her side and we see her leg slung over the guy with some of her rear in view. Her right breast also pops into view a couple times as she moves her arm while talking to the guy until he begins to get out of bed.

Dakota Johnson being bent over a guy's knee as he hikes up her dress and slides her panties down, revealing her butt from the side. The guy then takes his hand and spanks her with it, causing her butt to quiver, before putting her panties back up and lowering her dress.

Dakota Johnson having a guy lift her dress off to reveal her breasts and then kneeling on the floor in her panties only, showing some side boob. The guy then fetches a riding crop and runs it over her shoulders and down her arm. Dakota Johnson with her wrists bound to a frame above her head as a guy teases her naked body with a riding crop, giving us a good look at her breasts and butt. The guy then binds her to the bed instead and spanks her as she bends over nude. We then see a montage of her and the guy having sex, including standing up with her arms up above her.

Dakota Johnson lying down on a table with her ankles and wrists tied as a guy runs a feather over her body and then uses a whip on her as she throws her head back in pleasure while wearing a blindfold. We see her breasts and bush as the guy teases and whips her before climbing up onto the table with her to begin to go down on her.

Dakota Johnson having a guy undress her and then standing naked before leaning over a table with her breasts pressed against it as he whips her. She then stops the guy, showing her breasts and bush as she stands up and then turns and walks out of the red room.


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Dakota Johnson @ Fifty Shades of Grey (US 2015) [HD 1080p UNCUT Bluray] [nude]

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Dakota Johnson @ Fifty Shades of Grey (2015/US) HD Butt

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) is the cultural phenomenon based on the first book in a trilogy. Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is a timid college student who covers for her roommate (Eloise Mumford) by interviewing the uber-successful billionaire businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) for the school newspaper. Grey becomes obsessed with her, while simultaneously pushing her away and telling her she shouldn't be involved with him because he has singular sexual tastes. Of course we come to find out that those singular tastes are BDSM, the world of which she then initiates her to, though she decides that it's probably not for her and bails. Before bailing, however, the two become involved in a bunch of sexual escapades that involve lots and lots of nudity! Dakota Johnson bares all three of her beautiful b's multiple times in the film, including showing some sensationally unshaved full frontal while getting busy with Jamie Dornan! The nudity piles up quickly, packing lots and lots of sex into the film's two hour running time, which is guaranteed to leave your palm fifty shades of red!

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