Between walls (2017)


I found the instagram account of the director

The Film was player in the newyork Film festival.

By the way she has another movie named como te llamas . its a lesbian movie like blue is the warmest colour
Damn I always get invited to attend that particular festival and yet somehow I never seem to have the time whenever it comes around would have definitely strategically interrogated the director


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Interesting. I almost confuse this movie with another one that also has 2 female names in the movie title. I think it's called "Elisa y Marcela", and it's directed by very famous spanish film director Isabel Coixet, will be released next year on Netflix it seems.


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So anything new on this? It's the 14th today :) Looks quite promising, but I feel like I'll probably end up being disappointed :/


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Still nothing on this? Several stores seem to have the DVD in stock and it feels like someone should have uploaded something by now :rolleyes: