Belen Fabra Diary of a Nymphomaniac NEW


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Belen Fabra Diary of a Nymphomaniac NEW SCENES!
AKA Diario de una ninfómana

+Belen Fabra standing in front of a mirror in a thong, her breasts visible in the reflection before she puts on a bra. Next we see her clothed, reclining on a chair as she reaches her hands between her legs to masturbate. Good quality capture from Diario de una ninfómana.

+Belen Fabra walking naked into a bathroom, stepping into a bath tub with a guy and plunging her face underwater to go down on the guy as he reclines against the back of the tub. She then steps out of the water, showing breasts, buns, and bush as the guy slaps her ass.

+Belen Fabra completely naked as rides a guy in the reverse cowgirl position. She then leans back and rolls onto her side so the guy can continue to have sex with her from behind, holding her left breast in one hand as he guides her other hand between her legs. Belen then imagines that she is watching herself have sex with the guy and then has numerous quick flashbacks of other sex scenes from the movie before returning to the current action. While watching herself, Belen is approached by another woman who leans over to kiss her.

+Belen Fabra nude while atop a guy in bed, riding him as she leans over to show her breasts.

+Belen Fabra getting out of bed in a pair of pink panties and a white top, walking into a bathroom and standing in front of the mirror as she slides the top down to expose part of a nipple and putting a hand down her panties to masturbate. The scene then alternates with Belen standing completely naked in a doorway masturbating and Belen in the bathroom doing the same.

+Belen Fabra having sex with a few different guys during an opening credits sequence - first in a bra on a couch as a guy hikes up her skirt, then sitting on a kitchen countertop, then standing in a hallway with the guy taking her from behind, and finally sitting on the tank of a toilet naked as a guy gives her oral sex.


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