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The director of the artcore-pic BEDWAYS shot a new project! It's called REHEARSALS and it is a kind of a remake of his film. In the new project there are really graphic and unsimulated sex scenes in it! Some more scenes and much more pornografic than Bedways! Also the director himself is playing one of the lead! But there is no regular release. Only a strong limited release of only 100 copies (numbered and signed) could be picked here:
You find here some pictures at the official RP Kahl blog, scroll down!
Check it out! I like it a lot!


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May be I have some nice news to You guys about the Bedways topic! Two really long erotic pornografic scenes - called extended version - from artcore movie Bedways are released by Edition Studio Rp Kahl

On this special limited DVD are two more videos, one called Miriam and Live/ Shooting. It seems, that both are also pornografic stuff in a artcore way.

I've received a secret link from a friend. He bought the first and second releases of the Edition (Rehearsals and Nude Women). I was happy to see both; Rehearsals is a pornografic version of Bedways, in a way a remake, the director is themselve on stage... Unfortunately I don't had the chance to see the new one, but the secret preview is really interesting and also with some artcore scenes, hot stuff.

I don't know if the password work also in the next days, but check it out! Here to You the nice 10 minutes preview, password is Darkroom1011923



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Why does he make it so hard to see his stuff?

He'd make way more money by hosting the videos on his site, getting money from ads, donations or simply for the fact that his name would get 10 times more exposure.

99 Euros for a fucking DVD of 37 min, is this dude serious?


i just hate that somebody hasn't bought and posted it yet ( at least i cant find it) so if any one here comes across it please make sure to link it here


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Has anyone ever managed to get a hold of this? In the vimeo video posted above, the masturbation scene looks identical as the one already on the net, however the second scene looks different...

It’s a pity these extended versions and the additional material have never shown up, except for Rehearsals. Still 50€ to buy those. Has nobody ever lain hands on this bonus material from Bedways? Seems really worth the search...