18+ Aomi Muyock, Klara Kristin, Déborah Révy @ Love (FR/BE 2015) [HD 1080p WEB-DL]


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Aomi Muyock @ Love (FR/BE 2015) [HD 1080p WEB-DL]
*All scenes*

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Title : Aomi_Muyock_-_Love-(FR-BE2015)-1080p-RUFFAH.avi - 1.16 GiB
Duration : 26mn 4s
Res : 1908 x 792 @ 23.976 fps
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Audio : ac3 384 Kbps@48.0 KHz
Channels : 6 channels


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I hate to sound greedy but I really hope there is a directors cut with even more sex and explicitness. I want to see Aomi sucking on more cock and hopefully nuts too, because that is the hottest for me...


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Aomi Muyock & Klara Kristin & Déborah Révy LOVE (2015)

Aomi Muyock lying fully nude across a guy's body as she rocks back and forth rubbing her breast against his penis and giving him an explicit handjob all while he rubs her between the legs and slides his thumb in and out of her and sticks his fingers in her mouth until finally she masturbates him more aggressively and he orgasms as she watches the cum come out and rubs her mouth against it and his shaft a bit.

Aomi Muyock showing the tops of her breasts as she lies on her back talking with a guy and then having sex with him while lying on her side with him behind her as he grabs her breasts and passionately kisses her.

Aomi Muyock lying fully nude on her back giving us a very long look at her breasts and bush as a guy rests his head against her stomach while he smokes and talks with her.

Aomi Muyock lying naked behind a guy as she pushes up against him on a bed and then takes his penis out of his boxers and strokes him while giving him an explicit handjob before she lies fully nude on her back as he goes down on her for a while until finally she gets on top and has explicit sex while riding him as she slides back and forth on his penis.

Aomi Muyock lying on her back in slightly see-through bra and panties as a guy runs his fingers over her body and talks with her and then seen lying fully nude on her back as a guy rolls her over and gets behind her giving us a long look at her breasts and bush as he licks and kisses her ear before finally he gets above her and spends some time sucking on her left nipple.

Aomi Muyock wearing skimpy black panties and a green top as she crawls around on a bed stretching and showing off her ass to a guy and then giving him an explicit blow job in the 69 position as he removes her panties to go down on her as well before she's seen on her knees topless on a bed showing off her body some more while he films her with a camera and then finally seen fully nude from the camera's view point while playing with a flag.

Aomi Muyock lying on her side naked with a guy as she slowly reaches around him and starts sliding her hand up and down on his penis all while the lights flicker a lot.

Aomi Muyock having very hard doggy style sex with a guy while on all fours with him behind her as her breasts hang out from the bottom of her bra while he cups them and she has him push her down into the bed while thrusting into her even harder all in a dark red room. Aomi is then next seen having sex with him while standing up bent over the sink bottomless in a night club bathroom as he bounces her hard while her breathing causes the mirror to fog up. Finally she is seen kneeling on a bed giving him an explicit handjob for a while until we're given a first person view as he ejaculates quite a bit as the cum gets on her hand and she milks him a bit to get every drop out.

Aomi Muyock having passionately explicit sex with a guy as she grinds her hips while riding him fully nude on a bed before leaning forward and kissing him as the have slower sex while she slides back and forth with him still inside of her.

Aomi Muyock and a guy walking around a swingers sex club watching numerous unknown women having explicit sex with various men and then at one point having a woman lesbian kiss Aomi for a bit before she watches the guy she's win having sex with another woman and then takes him away as that woman starts giving an explicit blow job to another guy.

Aomi Muyock lying on her back with her top pulled down as an unknown woman rubs her between the legs and licks her nipples while Aomi reaches behind her head giving a guy an explicit handjob as the guy she's with watches before he gets on top and has hard sex with her until Aomi stands up against a wall as the guy sticks his head under and between her legs and goes down on her all while they're at a swingers sex club.

Klara Kristin wearing white panties pulled to the side a bit as a guy goes down on her and then having him remove her panties and slowly insert his penis into her before they have explicit sex with him on top of her until finally he finishes and rolls off of her only to realize that the condom broke.

Klara Kristin seen from above lying on a bed with her nipples sticking out above her white top as a guy goes down on her while her white panties are pulled to the side before he has sex with her while on top for a bit and then rolls off only to realize that the condom around his erect penis has broken.

Klara Kristin (blonde), Aomi Muyock (brunette) and a guy all lying in bed together as they start kissing each other and flicking their tongues together before it develops into a threesome as Klara plays with Aomi's breasts and licks her nipples and then gets on top and lesbian kisses her as the guy gets below her and goes down on her from behind before Klara and Aomi go back to facing each other as the guy plays with his penis and rubs it against Aomi until finally Aomi starts going down on Klara as Klara and the guy continue to makeout.

Klara Kristin lying with her dress around her waist as she kisses a guy and Aomi Muyock goes down on her from below and then facing Aomi and lesbian kissing her as the guy puts a condom on and starts having explicit sex with her from behind all while seen from above before it cuts in closer to the guy having more intense sex with her from behind on her side as she continues to touch and kiss Aomi all during a ménage-à-trois.

Déborah Révy in a bathroom at a party as a guy pulls his pants down and has her put a condom on his erect penis and kiss him before he lies back on the edge of the bathtub as she climbs on top and starts having sex with him as he unzips her dress to reveal her breasts and then sucks on her nipples a bit while she continues to ride him.

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She sucks his cock at approx 1:10:00 (but only briefly) and there is a longer scene at approx 1:38:00. At least in the blu-ray version I've seen. :)