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Anne Azoulay & Magali Muxart - Léa (2011)

Anne Azoulay wearing a g-string thong on stage at a strip club, first seen from behind as she rubs against a pole before turning around and showing her bare breasts as she dances and spins around the pole.

Anne Azoulay wearing a shirt with a thong underneath, shaking her hips from side to side as she gives a guy a private dance. She then removes her shirt, giving us a few looks at her breasts while dancing.

Anne Azoulay leading a guy behind a sheer curtain at a strip club and then dropping her shirt off and dancing topless, as seen from behind. She hooks her fingers into her thong and slides it to the ground, showing her bare butt as she sways from side to side and then climbs into the guy's lap. Meanwhile, in the foreground, another girl dances topless.

Anne Azoulay making out with a guy in bed while topless, wearing a pair of red panties as the guy kisses her and then works his way down to suck on her breasts. He then continues to move down, pulling her panties off to reveal full nudity from Anne and then giving her very realistic oral sex until she orgasms, reaching up at times to squeeze her breasts.

Anne Azoulay waking up and throwing the covers off to reveal her breasts briefly as she sits up. She then gets out of bed fully nude, first showing her bare butt and then turning around to show breasts and bush as she slowly puts on a button-down shirt.

Anne Azoulay giving a guy a lap dance, leaning over with her butt in his face and shaking it while wearing nothing but a thong. Her breasts come into view as she moves around.

Anne Azoulay sitting on the edge of a bed and slowly taking her shirt off, baring her breasts. She then leans over to take her shoes off before eventually pulling a tank top on and then a pair of pants.

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