Full Frontal Angie Cepeda - Pantaleon y las visitadoras (2000)


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Angie Cepeda - Pantaleon y las visitadoras (2000)
AKA Captain Pantoja and the Special Services

Angie Cepeda removing her dress, revealing her large breasts and giving us a nice look at her ass in thong panties as she stands in front of a guy.

Angie Cepeda slipping her dress down off her right shoulder, revealing her right breast as she straddles a guy and sits in his lap while they kiss.

Angie Cepeda naked underneath a guy as they have sex, her left breast visible while she lies underneath him. We then get a view of her bare backside as she lies on her stomach on the bed afterwards.

Angie Cepeda seen topless underneath a guy as they have sex in bed, the guy reaching up to grab her left breast in the process.

Angie Cepeda naked as she rides a guy and he reaches around to grab her ass while they have sex.

Angie Cepeda lying naked beside a guy, her large left breast resting on his chest before he gets out of bed and we see her naked from the side while lying on the sheets.


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