Alyssa Milano, Charlotte Lewis, Jennifer Tilly etc 'Embrace of the Vampire (1995)' HD 720


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Definitely among the very best nude scene ever in ANY movie!!

Unrated version. Alyssa Milano plays Charlotte, a character that is an innocent virgin, in her best nude scenes of any movie. At 16:03, she takes off her nightgown, giving a side partial view of her left breast (1 second), a side view of her entire left breast (1 second), the upper crack of her butt (1 second), a side view of her left breast (1 second), and a full frontal view of her left breast (1 second) as she turns towards the camera. There isn?t any lower frontal nudity at all in this scene, although she is completely nude. At 21:57-22:01, Kemp rips open her nightgown, while she?s in bed, showing both breasts. At 22:12-20; 22:24-37, her left breast is shown, followed by both breasts (9 seconds), her left breast (2 seconds), and both breasts (5 seconds), before she covers them up and wakes up (there are a lot of back arching during those scenes). At 40:14, as she is laying on her side in bed, her areola appears (4 seconds), as her nightgown slips down a little bit (no nipple). In what?s got to be one of the top one hundred sexual scenes in the movies (I don?t have any idea what the other ninety-nine are), at 50:21-53:19, Sarah (Charlotte Lewis) seduces Charlotte (Milano) into slowly taking her clothes off bit by bit, eventually stripping her shirt entirely off. At one point, Lewis places Milano?s left hand on her left breast and begins kissing her upper chest and then her lips. Because Charlotte (Milano) is innocent, she becomes comes to her senses, becomes embarrassed and leaves. The view of Milano?s nipples are extremely close and last quite a while. There is no lower frontal nudity here, although there may be a tattoo or something visible at 52:51, and at 53:21, you can see her panties as she is getting up. This is the only believable acting in this entire movie, which adds to its sexuality. At 100:01-101:25, Milano is tied to a bed as some guy (is this Harrison Pruett?) and Lewis kiss her body all over ? the guy even gently bites the side of her left breast, pulling it and then letting go. At 127:17-34, although there is lower frontal nudity while she is laying down, nothing is visible ? perhaps she is shaved or is wearing something skin color over that area to hide that area (otherwise, it should be clearly visible). Because of the seduction scene, this is one of the very few times I would love to give more than four stars. (FilmCritic)


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