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Wij (2018)

Discussion in 'For request' started by mammos, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. mammos

    mammos Moderator


    The movie premiered in a couple of festivals and I think it will be released in theaters in the Netherlands on the 12th of July.

    It looks to be quite erotic, maybe sort of like Bang Gang with a lot of youngsters and sex parties, but the film might actually be explicit.

    At 1:40 on the trailer a review says it is "Super intense and explicit", and on one review I found it says the following:

    https://cinemagazine.nl/wij-2018-recensie/ (using google translate):

    "Just like in the novel, the 'We' style also goes beyond content. Anyone who wants to be shocked by completely derailed youngsters can have fun: Eller shows the most explicit scenes without looking or blushing and looking away is almost impossible. Three extreme scenes put viewers to the test with some form of sensitivity."

    Given that it is a European movie, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually is explicit. Maybe something like Sexual Chronicles of a French Family!

    Most of the actors are actually amateurs and I cannot find anything under their belt, so I am feeling quite optimistic!

    So let's wait for a couple of days until its release, and hopefully we will have more information!
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  2. friend

    friend Active Member

    too hot for youtube)

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  3. masterjedi90

    masterjedi90 New Member

    where did u find that?
  4. friend

    friend Active Member

    screenshot from youtube trailer
  5. friend

    friend Active Member

    from another site:

    Actually, the nudity in the movie is not in the sex scenes. The sex scenes are almost all part of the plot where the kids set up a prostitution ring where they sell the girls to older men in town. We never actually see them having sex with these men except from a distance (one scene is in the trailer, where they look through a hole in the wall to the girl and the man having sex).

    Anyway, from what I remember:

    - There's a scene with the blonde girl in a pool, one of the guy kisses her and she tells him that it's okay to feel. No actual nudity that I remember, unless there's a nipslip in there.
    - The scene on the bridge which is in the trailer where all the girls show they vagina's
    - A scene at the parent's house of one of the girls where one girl takes nude pics of the other (also in the trailer)
    - The homemade porn scene
    - There are two scenes with a game the gang plays where they stick various objects in a girl's vagina and the girl has to guess what it is. No explicit shots or anything, but there is naked butt.
    - There's one scene where everyone runs naked through a field (which is also the poster of the film)
    - There's a scene where two new girls join the group and one of the girls asks them to take off all their clothes, everybody then undresses and the rest of the scene both the guys and the girls are full frontal nude.
    - In that scene one of the girls also sticks iPod earplugs in her vagina, which could be an interesting fetish for some people, I guess?
    - There's a particularly disturbing scene where one of the dudes physically and verbally assaults a girl and then pisses on her, I don't remember if this one contained nudity or not.
    - There's some dialogue about which of the girls has the tightest pussy.

    There's no obvious lesbian stuff, but I'm pretty sure there was at least one shot of girls kissing. After all, it's all about sexual experimentation.
  6. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Lol yeah I was the one who asked him for a breakdown lol. He also added:

    "Okay, the porn scene. They go into the house of the dad of one of the boys, under the pretense of a 'school project'. They take out masks because they don't want to be recognized by parents, teachers, classmates, etc online (also makes it very easy to have body doubles) and take turns having sex. There's at least a close up shot of a blowjob and a very clear shot of penetration."

    I read from am interview from a couple of years ago that the director was planning on using bodydoubles, too bad that he went through with it...
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  7. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    Oh man yet another big let down what the hell is really happening with these directors and talents I just cannot seem to comprehend why they're all so afraid of a little bit of sex but people getting their heads blown off at close range with high powered calibers such as a 50. cal is totally fine and for that matter not going nearly far enough in their minds even dropping a few nukes (independence day, cloverfield, godzilla etc...) is like child's play for them at this point
  8. Toklu

    Toklu New Member

    That all sounds really great. Can't wait to watch it, even if it isn't totally explicit. Is it already available somewehere?

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