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The Nymphomaniac (2013)

Discussion in 'For request' started by berserk333, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    Agreed least of all with someone other than perhaps maybe her husband but then you won't really see any penetration unless he uses yet another body double as he is so famous for doing
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  3. wisekid

    wisekid Active Member

    she and/or shia would not even have anything to do with a movie that has unsimulated sex in it. the closest she came was eyes wide shut and that too was a million miles from hardcore.
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  4. HellThom

    HellThom Member

    Yes, but Kidman knows Von Trier, they worked together before. She trusts him. I'm not saying she will have unsimulated sex, just that she knows that he is an "artist" and is probably ready to endorse such a project by having a small part (which would give him enough money to film it perhaps).
    Shia Leboeuf was fully naked in a Sigur Ros clip, I'm sure he's not ashamed of his body and is ready to do it (I believe it's much more simpler for a man to take part in such scenes). I'm not bothered with the fact that union prohibits him from doing so : he clearly stated recently that he didn't want to be involved in Hollywood anymore, and probably will distance himself from such CBAs.
    As for Charlotte Gainsbourg... I don't know really. I think she can pull it off, but I'm not sure. Anyway, she's not my type so I'd prefer someone else to be involved in such scenes.
    Finally, about those blurred scenes rumors : Von Trier won't let that happen. He may accept it for the US, but I'm rather sure he'll have them included at least in DVD releases in Europe. Otherwise, what's the point ??
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  5. berserk333

    berserk333 Moderator Staff Member

    Well when I saw Kidman I never thought she'd do anything unsimulated, but there can definitely be others in the film (like the extras) doing things and maybe in a scene she watches etc. And Gainsbourg and Dafoe got pretty wild in "Antichrist" so I don't know how much further they can go except explicit (though I'm 99% sure that won't happen either). But hey, it's something to look forward too! ;)
  6. wisekid

    wisekid Active Member

  7. Paduano79

    Paduano79 Active Member

    I think Von Trier is not kidding, he´s one of the few naturals. And he does what he does, Leboeuf says that, he´s dangerous, but apart from that, don´t think Kidman do anything, Gainsbourg maybe... Kidman no, definitively...
  8. elscan

    elscan New Member

  9. tdlotslv

    tdlotslv Moderator

    She has gone nude in the past so it's nothing new all the guys are just saying is that she more than most likely will never do explicit penetration unless a body double is used anyway I think unless we see some sort of finished product then it really is all just pure speculation at this point as to how or even what the film is going to look like hopefully we will not be disappointed even it if the director is Lars :)
  10. wisekid

    wisekid Active Member

    personally im not counting kidman in the picture at all. moreover, shia shows some pecker, without any females around, and this thread goes to the next section(the female counterpart in the sex scene hasnt been revealed yet, could be a sole 'jerky' scene)
  11. HellThom

    HellThom Member

    With the announcement of the casting of Connie Nielsen, I think we can rule out any hardocre scenes by any of the main characters.
    Actually, recapped.com (who seem to have had an eye on the script) says that only young model Stacy Martin (playing a young Gainsbourg) will have nude scenes, and even she will be "body doubled" for the naughty scenes.
    I've never been a fan of Von Trier, don't look like it's going to change...
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  12. berserk333

    berserk333 Moderator Staff Member

    What?? that sucks ass balls... o_O
  13. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    (Mods I hope this is ok to post it as a whole article piece)
    An interesting short article about Nymphomaniac and von Trier's next movie, "Oedipus Wrecks" which I don't really know what to say! (credit goes to BC Bass from benningtonvalepress.com/2012/09/lars-von-trier-promises-even-more.html)

    Danish director Lars von Trier is once again courting controversy with his forthcoming film "Nymphomaniac," a sexually explicit tale of eroticism. The story centers on the promiscuous life of a young woman who reveals her libidinous escapades to a man (played by Stellan Skarsgard) after he rescues her from an attack in an alley. The director's promise to shoot the lurid details of the protagonist's past with "unsimulated" sex scenes has created much of the buzz surrounding the movie's release. Adding fuel to that fire were several statements made to the press by Shia LeBeouf, who jumped at the chance to take what he described as a transformative role. "It's going to be a wild movie," the actor told MTV. "There's a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says we're [having sex] for real. Everything that is illegal, we'll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening." The revelation has led to harsh criticism of von Trier as a salacious and gratuitous filmmaker who uses the word "art" to obscure what's little more than hardcore pornography. But in response to those complaints, von Trier coyly suggested that "Nymphomaniac" would be a "Disney movie" compared to his next release -- a graphically rendered retelling of Oedipus featuring real-life mother and son actors.

    "Nymphomaniac" has been plagued by delays and false starts. Pushback from studios and lawyers forced von Trier to create two versions -- one filthy, one merely dirty. News of a real sexual encounter with LeBeouf also caused crippling setbacks to the production schedule. Actors originally courted for parts, such as Nicole Kidman, are now hesitating to commit.

    "Shia is definitely no Tom Cruise," a representative from Kidman's camp told reporters. "And Nicole never actually had sex with Tom, so this is really a difficult position for her. She has to weigh her physical disgust and personal standards against her assessment of how this picture could benefit her career. Why they didn't approach Demi Moore is beyond us."

    Kristen Stewart, who initially begged for the chance to star in a film where she could have sex with other actors, which "wouldn't count as adultery," dropped out entirely after learning of LeBeouf's involvement.

    As a result, von Trier says he may resort to using body doubles for particular scenes. "It's either that or we try to get Scarlett Johansson drunk and bring her to the set. Even then, Scarlett does have some standards and we're not certain there's enough in the budget for the amount of alcohol we're talking about."

    Producers considered Maggie Gyllenhaal but felt audiences would lose interest after watching two off-putting actors fumble through clumsy attempts at coitus on screen.

    "At that point, it would be cheaper for people to download smut off the Internet," von Trier allegedly told his team. "This isn't some 'Brown Bunny' moment -- a cheap excuse for the director to get off with a beautiful actress -- this is art, and it's the whole picture."

    Von Trier also continued to defend his vision of "Nymphomaniac" from being compared to professionally produced adult entertainment, which he called prurient: "This is not porn. Porn is a soap opera with bad dialog and carefully contrived, acrobatic sex. In my films, the sex is disappointingly real and the actors talk less. They're also quite weird looking."

    After learning on Friday that body doubles would be performing the live sex scenes, Shia LeBeouf reportedly warned von Trier of his desire to withdraw from the project, having lost his best opportunity to shed his virginity.

    Von Trier says he will complete "Nymphomaniac" but is already casting for his next film, "Oedipus Wrecks."

    The concept imagines a modern telling of the Greek tragedy in which Oedipus, through a brutal series of predestined actions, unknowingly fulfills a prophecy to kill his father and marry his mother, thereby bringing ruin upon his city and family. Overwhelmed with the realization of his crimes, Oedipus blinds himself using a brooch from his dead wife-mother's dress. However, in von Trier's script, the ill-fated king mutilates his own testicles in an elaborate 30-minute sequence that involves a wood rasp, a ball-peen hammer, tile cutters, drain cleaner, poison ivy, mayonnaise, shoelaces and a glowing badger with devil horns. Throughout the scene, Oedipus must also continue to have sex with three women who spit in his face and weep at the same time.

    The Oracle of Delphi will be portrayed jointly by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem DaFoe. They will appear always in a grunting act of coupling, delivering their prophecies in the form of spilled bodily fluids.

    The rest of the screenplay chronicles the sexual relationship between Oedipus and his wife Jocasta, whom he later discovers to be his biological mother. The sex, von Trier assures audiences, will be completely unsimulated and performed by an actual mother and son acting duo to preserve the artistic integrity and inherent revulsion of the story. Charlie Sheen and Janet Templeton, his actress mother, have been confirmed by von Trier for the lead roles. The film is expected to be released early in 2014 pending settlement of a suit with Vivid Entertainment over accusations of copyright infringement.
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  14. HellThom

    HellThom Member

    If you read closely on the original blog, you'll see that it is a satire article, meant for mocking Lars Von Trier
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  15. wisekid

    wisekid Active Member

    von trier WILL shoot explicit scenes, but ultimately body doubles will be used. im already looking forward to oedipus
  16. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Had no idea, thanks for letting me know!

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