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Discussion in 'For request' started by mammos, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Just to check if this post disappears as well... I keep getting posts appearing and disappearing for no apparent reason...
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  2. TheChosen1

    TheChosen1 New Member

    Yeah it's happening here also.
  3. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    I do not have these problems; no disappearing and reappearing posts, maybe because I have not posted anything for a while. :)
    But a week ago I had problems to get here for a day or two (currently unavailable). And then there was a day when the site worked at one moment and at another it did not and this happened several times during the day.
  4. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Yeah, the site seems pretty messed up. It's like it is going back to different dates, posts appear and disappear, hell I even clicked on one post and it redirected me to a whole different one!
  5. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    For example, now that I am writing this, the "currently unavailable" post is nowhere to be found.
  6. htccsb

    htccsb New Member

    I feel the same as you.
  7. Smut Broker

    Smut Broker Member

    I keep losing posts and they reappear too. Somethings screwy.

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