Rules before posting for request

Hi guys.

It has been observed for quite some time now that some users tend to request a certain movie, and only providing the IMBd link and or maybe a trailer along with it. Although we appreciate your contribution towards this forum, we don't want to see the forum end up like another general forum for movie sharing etc, like another member has already stated.

Now, we know that not all movies will have explicit material in them, which is understandable. But at least, when you have a movie to request, at least give the following information along with your posting, so that other users can see what you are looking for in order to be able to assist, or have a lead to go somewhere from there:

- Movie name
- IMBd link (if available)
- A description of what you are looking for or what rumor you have heard regarding the movie that is of interest
- Any article that might further support what you are looking for

We have built a very nice community here over the years, so let's try to keep it like this, especially spam free.
I do not have an answer to my question below.
Do you think this is normal?
thank you very much

I would like your opinion on the photos of this site:


Do you know these pictures of Marie Forsa (Marina the chemist)
Apparently from a review I do not know.
True or false ?
What is troubling is the shape of the upper lip or the small mole on the left breast.
Photo number 159555860.jpg for example.or on the photo of Butterflies (1975)

thank you for your collaboration