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Posting Rules

Discussion in 'Forum Rules' started by godmod, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. godmod

    godmod GodFather Staff Member

    Let's keep things simple.
    -Only links to Rapidshare, Mediafire and Imagevenue are allowed here. -Do not post links to file sharing sites other than Rapidshare, Mediafire and Imagevenue in this forum.
    -Do not post links to professional porn videos.
    -Do not post links to WATERMARKED videos.
    -Do not post links to PAY SITE videos.
    -DO NOT request videos that are already posted in the MSS Board video forums.
    -No SPAM! We do not allow links to file hosts where the original uploader is paid when people download their files. That is just an invitation for SPAMMERS. Such file hosts are banned here and the links may be censored.
    -Follow these suggestions and we'll all be happy. If you break the rules, you could loose your posting privileges or get banned.
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    Celebs Roulette Tube
  2. Zechs

    Zechs Member

    Approved !
  3. roastbeast

    roastbeast New Member

    Love the new site!!! :)
  4. Krink99

    Krink99 New Member

    OK! I already subscribe to ORON downloader -- do I need to subscribe to RapidShare to download from here? The mechanics of this site is a bit unclear yet. In your rules, you state three downloaders -- will I need all three? Thanks for any info.
  5. SensualGraphic

    SensualGraphic New Member

    I agree with the rules! Finally board that bans Oron and other slow and expensive file hosting services. Viva la RapidShare and Mediafire, especially Mediafire - its free and no wait time.
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  6. Krink99

    Krink99 New Member

    SensualGraphic, I disagree; sorry! Oron is very fast, especially with IDM. Don't know about Mediafire; but RapidShare does cost something to use on this board -- RapidPro costs money! Using the free Rapidshare download takes hours!
    Who really has the correct scoop on this topic? Thanks!
  7. edguyx

    edguyx New Member

    The free version of rapidshare is indeed slow but you can just use jdownloader and start the downloads and just forget about them cause you don't need to enter any captcha, so the files just download themselves.
  8. redbones111

    redbones111 New Member

    I don't know where else to post this since there isn't a general section, but what's the money thing about?
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  9. burning candle

    burning candle New Member

    Hey i've PlayboyTV Episodes, with online streaming like "megavideo player" and download with no cost, can i post ??
  10. nikos dedes

    nikos dedes New Member

    yes post it
  11. wisekid

    wisekid Active Member

    which movie is ur avatar from? :D

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