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Liandra Dahl & Annabelle Lee SILVER SHOES (2015)

Discussion in 'Not Mainstream' started by myfamousteen, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. myfamousteen

    myfamousteen Well-Known Member

    Liandra Dahl & Annabelle Lee SILVER SHOES (2015)

    Liandra Dahl making out with a guy on a couch as he lifts her shirt off to reveal a see-through bra. The guy then pulls one of her breasts out to play with it before reaching his hand down her panties to finger her while she also puts her hand down his pants. Part 1 of 5 of an explicit un-simulated sex scene. Liandra Dahl sitting back on a couch as a guy pulls off her bra and then licks and sucks her nipple before taking her pants off. The guy then removes her panties and kneels in front of the sofa to go down on Liandra. Liandra Dahl lying on her back naked as a guy grabs both her breasts while going down on her on a sofa. He then switches positions with her and she goes down on him for a while. She then moves up to straddle him and jerk him off with one hand before fetching a condom. Liandra Dahl getting into a 69 position with a guy on a sofa so that she give him a blow job while he goes down on her at the same time. After a while, they change positions and Liandra climbs into his lap to ride him. She reaches down to masturbate while grinding against the guy as he reaches up to play with her breasts. Liandra Dahl naked on top of a guy as she has sex with him and plays with herself at the same time, shaking as she reaches orgasm. We then see her continuing to have sex with him, now leaning over so she can kiss him at the same time.

    Liandra Dahl and Annabelle Lee making out against a book shelf, Liandra then pulling Annabelle's shirt and bra off so that she can suck on her nipples. The girls then move into a bedroom where Annabelle lays back topless and Liandra leans over to kiss her some more. Part of a long explicit un-simulated lesbian sex scene.

    Liandra Dahl leaning over to kiss Annabelle Lee, who pulls Liandra's shirt off and squeezes and sucks on her breasts. Annabelle's panties then come off and Liandra licks between her legs as she begins to go down on her. Part of a long explicit un-simulated lesbian sex scene.

    Liandra Dahl wearing just white panties as she both licks and fingers Annabelle Lee while giving her oral sex as Annabelle lies on her back on a bed fully nude. Liandra goes down on Annabelle until she reaches orgasm.

    Liandra Dahl kneeling fully nude after Annabelle Lee removes her panties and the girls kiss. Liandra then lays back and the girls make out some more before Annabelle puts her head between Liandra's legs and begins to go down on her while on all fours herself.

    Liandra Dahl fully nude on her back on a bed as she receives oral sex from Annabelle Lee, her breasts jiggling as she reaches orgasm. The girls then make out for a bit before Liandra fetches a purple two-headed dildo and inserts one end into herself while having sex with Annabelle doggy-style with the other end, smacking Annabelle on the butt at the same time.

    Liandra Dahl using a dildo to have sex with Annabelle Lee from behind as Annabelle lies on her stomach on a bed with her butt in the air. Liandra then sits back and Annabelle sits down in her lap backwards. Annabelle rides Liandra and Liandra sucks on her nipple and rubs between her legs with one hand, helping Annabelle reach orgasm. Part of a long explicit un-simulated lesbian sex scene.

    Liandra Dahl sitting back against the head of a bed as Annabelle Lee climbs into her lap and rides the two-headed purple dildo that Liandra is holding between her legs. The girls have sex until Liandra reaches orgasm, at which point they switch and Annabelle takes over 'wearing' the dildo and lies on her back as Liandra straddles and rides her.

    Liandra Dahl riding Annabelle Lee as the two girls share a dildo and Annabelle reaches between her legs to rub herself vigorously, causing both girls to orgasm. Afterward, the girls kiss for a while, still fully nude.

    Annabelle Lee lying on her back on a bed as she removes her dress to reveal blue panties and a matching bra. She then removes both to go naked before moving her hand down between her legs to begin to masturbate. She lies on her back naked with her legs spread as she rubs herself vigorously. Annabelle Lee lying naked on her back, playing with her breasts with one hand as she rubs herself with the other. She then moves the other hand down and brings herself to orgasm by masturbating. Afterward, she snaps a selfie with a camera and sits up on the edge of the bed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    i'm sorry...
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