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Kingdom of Sin (2016)

Discussion in 'For request' started by mammos, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. mammos

    mammos Moderator


    I will try to post this movie as a regular thread, since it was deleted.

    First of all, myself and other people I believe, don't have a major problem with films where porn actresses might be involved, since it is fairly easy for them to perform explicit acts on screen. I know it takes out the excitement of having a legitimate actress do the explicit stuff, but still, there is some sort of "excitement" as to say knowing that a mainstream movie portrays explicit acts. I don't think anyone had any problem posting stuff for example from Nymphomaniac which had body doubles, Baise Moi where the lead actresses were pornstars, Sexual Chronicles where 2 of the girls doing explicit stuff are also pornstars and so on. I myself also hate the fact that pornstars are included, but hell, this is what we get. At least if they get it on with a legit actor or so it still makes a difference.

    Now, as far as the movie goes, I had this one under my radar for some time now, more than a year, but did not make any post since I couldn't; and still, cannot find any relevant information.

    When I first found it at it's earlier stages, Ashlynn Yennie (Submission) was one of the actresses, with no mention of Bree Olson. I mean, it is still mentioned in her Wiki page:


    Now, as time went by, when I was checking from time to time for any updates, I found that her name was removed, and Bree Olson appeared there. I don't know whether Ashlynn was supposed to have the main role and later got replaced, because the character names in the movie between the two girls are different.

    What I am speculating is that, perhaps the role required a lot from Ashlynn to the point where she was not comfortable doing it (maybe explicit sex or such?), so she decided to leave the movie.

    As for the other actors/actresses in the movie, I don't see anything in their background that suggests porn, so if they are involved in explicit acts, this is great.

    Maybe there won't be anything exciting in this movie, as it happened with a lot of movies where our expectations were high and then we received nothing. So, better leave this one here, and we will have to wait and see...
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  2. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    It was me who deleted it. There is absolutely no information it should contain something in terms of sexual activity so I see no reason why it should be here.
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  3. htccsb

    htccsb New Member

    You are a little bit grumpy, aren't you?
  4. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    It is marvellous how you are able to deduce my state of mind from a mere sentence. :)
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  5. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    I get your point my friend. Yeah, maybe there won't be anything there, but there is no harm in speculating and just waiting for the end result and see...

    We post for a number of movies here that there might be a hint that something will be there, or a speculation as well. I'm 100% with you on posts where they post an IMDb link and just state link please, as if we are a p2p site or whatever, without at least a small reasoning as to why the movie is of interest.

    I feel like we must do something to keep this forum alive and active. Besides the occasional posts on those mega-threads we have on this forum that are of no interest to me and I believe many other users, there isn't much activity going on here which saddens me. Hell, most of the time it is me, you and tdlotslv that are engaging in any conversation!
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  6. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    I would like to have more activity going on here as well but movies with explicit sex do not come out every day (unfortunately :-( ... ) and to be honest, I prefer a good post with something explicit in a three weeks to what appears here in the mega-threads every day.

    I have no problem with movies like Nymphomaniac, A Portrait of A Beauty, with body doubles or a pornstar as a leading actress; what get really on nerves are the mega-threads where people post a piece of crap you can find everywhere or a stuff which has been already posted here or posts showing no nudity and last but not least the requests where they want something without even bothering to write what the movie they request is about.
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  7. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    While it is true that the mega-threads get the most activity, I still think there is a gap this forum fills that exists nowhere else on the internet (that I know of...). It is indeed small and not very active, but you get a sense of quality that is simply not there in other forums.
    Rather than rehash the same topics and clips over and over, here you have real people trying to form a real posting community. While I try not to point fingers directly, many of the so-called mega-threads are posted in other forums as well, often with exactly the same clips, comments and order as they are posted here. It's almost as if they are posted by bots :rolleyes:

    The true strength of this site IMHO is that the posts are unique and engaging. You may get only one or two new offerings per month, but you know those posts will add something unseen to your collection ;)

    As for the discussion at hand, if I may offer my two cents, I do agree with Elabuelo that the copy-paste threads should go. There are more than enough duplicates of them on the internet. I do however think that we need to expand the quantity of the posts or this board might fall to obscurity due to inactivity. Take this film (Kingdom of Sin) for example: it might not be strictly "Mainstream Explicit" material, but who's to say there is no room for it in a "Softcore Gone Wild" forum, or a "Mainstream with Benefits" forum? Maybe we should branch out our very-specific-and-rare topic of interest while making sure it is cataloged correctly and while getting rid of the generic softcore forums that attract all the flies :cool:

    We already have most of the infrastructure. I would reorganize the board structure as follows:
    • The generic and mandatory administrative discussion forums (announcements etc.).
    • Mainstream Explicit: basically what we have now with slightly stricter rules - only films and TV shows with explicit scenes and only real actors\actresses allowed.
    • Mainstream with Benefits: as mentioned above (name debatable), explicit films and TV shows but the participants are unknowns, body-doubles and porn-stars.
    • Softcore Gone Wild: movies that are softcore porn but the participants got a little carried away. Designed to titillate, but have a real plot. I'm referring more to the med-core Asian movies than to the soft-version-of-hard-porn-films \ "This is not ___ XXX" parodies. Think "Japanese Wife Next Door". We have it now as the "Not Mainstream" forum (sort of).
    • Artcore: art films and stage productions that had gone the extra mile sex-wise. NO PORN EXPOS. We now have a more specific "On Stage" forum that needs a bit of adjustment.
    • Pop-shotculture: music clips and reality shows with something extra for those who like them. NOT the Pl@yboy channel.
    • LGBTQ: because. Besides, recent films (Jesus etc.) taught us that modern gay-interest films sometimes contain more than just gay scenes. Also, the L (sorry, I couldn't help myself).
    • Requests: should be tagged if possible with the anticipated forum designation (Artcore, Mainstream, ...).
    • General Discussion: for posts such as this. Keeps the community alive.
    • Nothing Else: if it's not explicit it should go on another site. This is, after all, this board's branding.

    Again, this is just my opinion. You may disagree. What do I know? And who died and made me king of this forum?
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  8. Elabuelo

    Elabuelo Moderator

    "It's almost as if they are posted by bots" ...

    That is exactly what I think.

    Otherwise I like your idea. It makes sense. Now it depends on what the admin would say to it. :)
  9. Smut Broker

    Smut Broker Member

    If I can add my two cents as a nobody, for me this forum has been most useful in finding out about movies I may never have known about otherwise. Mainstream or not. There are short films for example that can straddle the line. Even hardcore porn, if done in a mainstream way has a place. The focus for me is the discovery of rare material. Stuff that wouldn't find an audience if I didn't hear about it here. Let's keep that aspect at least and an open mind as to content.
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  10. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    I totally agree with you, Smut Broker. Our goal should be to expand the rare curated content while eliminating the common clips infestation.

    Short films? Belong in Artcore. Hardcore porn done mainstream? Either Softcore Gone Wild or Mainstream with Benefits, subject to the plot/sex ratio.
    Non-explicit generic forums such as the current "Non Explicit" or "Unsorted" forums only serve to draw the automatons with their generic clips arsenal IMHO. I believe that if we make this forum unique in terms of allowed content, it will naturally draw the specific type of members that have interest and knowledge in such films.

    Consider the current members and contents. The unique forums such as "Explicit Mainstream" are populated with intelligent members having intelligent discussions, and contain a collection of finds that you normally won't find anywhere else - at least not in one place. On the other hand, the softcore forums are mostly full with template posts copied (or mass-posted) from other forums. There is rarely anything original there.
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  11. Smut Broker

    Smut Broker Member

    I can say I rarely visit the softcore forum because it is, like you said, available anywhere else. That it's there doesn't bother me though. Softcore can be great too. Stuff like Las Oscuras Primaveras. Looks explicit, but probably isn't can be found there if I'm not mistaken. I would never have known of that movie if not for this place. It's one of my favorites of the past few years but isn't strictly explicit.
    Still can't find it in 1080p HD though.
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  12. mammos

    mammos Moderator

    Those are some great inputs sowbb and Smut Broker!!

    There is no "nobody" here my friend Smut, as long as a member contributes to this wonderful forum, everyone is someone!!

    Dear godmod, if you are around, is it possible to move this conversation after my initial posting of the movie which should stay here, to this section you created http://mssboard.com/threads/lets-change-mssboard-for-the-better.11546/#post-25128 ?? I believe the conversation should carry on over there instead of here...

    Also, sowbb, what did you mean by this? "Also, the L (sorry, I couldn't help myself)" ??
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  13. sowbb

    sowbb Member

    LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. I was humorously referring to the fact that lesbian content is much more acceptable mainstream-wise than the other parts of the acronym. Of course, if I'm being serious, this is not politically-correct, is sad and is not a very nice thing to say, but the joke *is* funny :)
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